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imc cee chat 21.12.2006

(pl) Dwa osoby (1 pl, 1 by) byli aktywny w czacie, jedna (imc toulouse - fr/es) słuchała; tematy byli wątpliwość dotyczący reklama dla Partii Zielonych w Indypendent NYC, nauczanie irc, i użycie system publikacji od telefon\xF3w kom\xF3kowych (kom\xF3rka -> email -> strona www) przez IMC St Pitersburg ("Piter" jeszcze nie chodził przez new-imc/imc-process). http://piter.indymedia.ru/?q=en/node/338

(en) 2 people (1 pl, 1 by) were active in the chat, 1 (imc toulouse - fr/es) listened; themes included concern about an Indypendent NYC Green Party advertisement, learning irc, and mobile phone -> email -> www (indymedia CMS) usage by IMC St Petersburg ("Piter" has not yet been through new-imc/imc-process.) http://piter.indymedia.ru/?q=en/node/338


--- Log opened czw gru 21 00:00:20 2006
04:06 -!- boud changed the topic of #europe to: CEEurope meeting
TODAY 19.00 UTC+0 #europe (20 pl/hu 21 by/ua 22 moscow)| http://belarus.indymedia.org/7070
| https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcCEEurope
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19:06 <@boud> test
19:36 -!- ttx [...] has joined #europe
19:36 < ttx> :)
19:37 < ttx> ciao boud
19:37 <@boud> salut ttx
19:37 <@boud> :)
20:05 <@boud> on est peu nombreux ce soir...
20:48 <@boud> au moins je n'aurais pas grand chose a traduire....
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20:55 <@boud> mussel: hi :)
20:56 < mussel> hi
20:56 <@boud> i'm from imc poland - where are you from?
20:57 < mussel> You know me - i'm from Belarus
20:57 <@boud> ah :) - you probably used a different nick before...
21:00 < mussel> This my first irc-experience. We met on LVEE
21:00 <@boud> ah.... :) what would you like to chat about? as
you see, not many people are around - there's ttx from imc toulouse
who's listening
21:02 <@boud> i drank too much vodka at LVEE...
21:05 < mussel> My friend present me  issue of The Indypendent
(the NYC indymedia is produce). And on last page - big advertise
of candidate for US senate. He is from Green party. All time I
think about: can indymedia do advertise during election?
21:06 <@boud> oooohhhh....
21:07 < mussel> I doesn't like this, but may be in NYC is another
situation? I don't understand them, but try
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21:10 <@boud> well, indymedia NYC probably started before the
"new-imc process", but in principle each new imc collective has
to give answer to the "Principles of Unity" and "Membership Criteria"
21:10 <@boud> Since we are very anti-authoritarian, we don't
say that a new group *must* accept all of these principles and
things, but we ask them to consider them and say what they think
21:11 <@boud> and we say we think they are good principles
21:11 <@boud> https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/MembershipCriteria
21:11 <@boud> j. (NOT FINALIZED): Have no official affiliation
with any political party, state or candidate for office (comments:
but individual producers have freedom to do whatever they like
and local IMCs can "feature" stories about various political parties
and initiatives),
21:12 < mussel> M-daa
21:12 <@boud> well, that says "no official affiliation" - it
doesn't say that no members of political parties can participate
21:12 <@boud> and it does say " local IMCs can "feature" stories
about various political parties and initiatives"
21:13 < mussel> What kind of situation with "registration" of
Torun IMC? Are you started IMC-process?
21:14 <@boud> not yet, i've been working on samizdat, but we'll
start soon i think :)
21:15 <@boud> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-pl-torun/2006-December/1221-ry.html
21:17 <@boud> i want to make sure the group is not technically
dependent on me, so i'm hoping that by people using "knoppix CDs"
of samizdat + imc-torun  there'll be a better understanding both
by "users" and by "techies" (who do not have internet access at
21:17 <@boud> on the green party ad by indypendent - i think
that "indypendent" may consider itself a separate group from imc
nyc (but i'm not sure)
21:18 <@boud> also, the idea as i understand it is that we trust
different collectives to make decisions based on their local social
21:18 <@boud> each local situation is differetn
21:20 <@boud> in imc poland (and future imc torun) i'm fairly
sure that people would not accept any sort of advertisement, even
for someone from the green party who is anti-war, anti-corporate,
21:23 < mussel> In Belarus IMC the same, but human element has
big role
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21:28 <@boud> by the way: are you on a linux machine? i would
suggest the client:  irssi
21:28 <@boud> it's a text-based (console/terminal) client
21:29 <@boud> the cgi:irc web interface is sometimes unstable
(as you can see by experience)...
21:29 <@boud> and then:  /server -SSL irc.indymedia.org 994
as the command to connect to the server
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22:16 <@boud> welcome back mussel :)
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22:20 <@boud> and hi again :)
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22:22 <@boud> i jeszcze raz witam :)
22:26 < mussel> Mam drenny internet przez dial-up, mozet sie
skonczyc w moment =:o
22:26 <@boud> :(
22:30 < mussel> I have a question: Is "samisdat" can realised
function "mobile content". I mean about publication from mobile
phone? People from unregistred Piter IMC try do it on Drupal
22:32 <@boud> i don't know, i think "s" asked about it last time
22:33 <@boud> i think it depends what function you want to use
on a mobile phone
22:33 <@boud> some people can send email by a mobile phone, and
it should be possible to make an email -> samizdat connection
22:34 <@boud> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewcvs/samizdat/samizdat/TODO?rev=1.99
22:34 <@boud> 0.6.x-0.7.x  - feature: mobile phones support
22:35 <@boud> the present "stable" version of samizdat is 0.6.0
22:35 <@boud> so the plan is to have "mobile phones support"
either in version 0.6.something or 0.7.something
22:37 < mussel> During antiG8 in SPB mobile content had good
working, and now people, who publish news on PiterIMC (http://piter.indymedia.ru/?q=en/node/338)
mosly publices pictures and movies from actions during mobile
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22:39 <@boud> cool :)
22:39 < mussel> My fuking dual-up >( I couldn't open the links.
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22:47 < mussel> bardzo drenny internet mam - to uz do widzenia,
zobaczymy sie, bardzo przyjemno bylo komunikowacz, ale przeprarzam
22:48 <@boud> ok, miĹilo bylopa :))))
22:48 <@boud> ok, milo bylopa :))))
22:48 <@boud> ok, milo bylo pa :))))
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