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Log of central/eastern europe indymedia chat 29.03.2007

--- Log opened czw mar 29 00:00:39 2007
19:14 -!- boud changed the topic of #europe to: CEE meeting tonight
Thursday 29.03.2007 @18:00 UTC = 20:00 pl/hu = 21:00 by/ua
19:32 <@boud> test
19:36 -!- nattfodd [...] has joined #europe
19:36 <@boud> nattfodd hi :)  i'm logging, i'll be back by 20:00
(UTC+2) (half an hour from now)
19:37 < nattfodd> sure
19:45 -!- kyi [...] has joined #europe
19:45 < kyi> coucou nattfodd 
19:49 < nattfodd> chalut
19:56 -!- anna [...] has joined #europe
19:57 < anna> i guess i missed the eastern european part of the
meeting mostly?
19:58 <@boud> anna hi - it hasn't started yet :)
19:58 < anna> a..ha
19:58  * boud and there's also the central european part, in
19:58 < nattfodd> where are the boundaries of central europe,
for you?
19:59 < anna> since i consider myself to be central european
i was more interested in the eastern part ;)
19:59 <@boud> it's not really my definition, but people here
say that poland is in the centre of europe - half way between
e.g. london and moscow
19:59 <@boud> personally i don't have any preferences 
20:00 < nattfodd> hum
20:00 <@boud> i just want something to call the region
20:01 < anna> the wall used to run through the garden behind
my house, geographically i live south of the line, politically
east, am born west and most people in the south think i'm from
the north - i think central european is fine
20:01 <@boud> :)
20:02 < anna> the garden not being a garden but the death strip,
to be correct
20:03 <@boud> :(
20:08 -!- guest-pl-kacz [...] has joined #europe
20:08 < guest-pl-kacz> test
20:08 < guest-pl-kacz> bye
20:09  * boud that was me testing
20:09 -!- guest-pl [...] has joined #europe
20:09 <@boud> guest-pl - hi
20:09 <@boud> you can change your nick with:  /nick romang  
20:11 -!- guest-pl is now known as didleth
20:12 < didleth> hi everyone :)
20:13 <@boud> shall we do introductions now or still wait a bit
longer for belarus people?
20:14 < didleth> and when will they be?
20:14 <@boud> no idea - i forgot to announce it earlier...
20:16  * boud uses direct action: tosk austria / nattfood kyi
fr / anna berlin / boud didleth torun (pl)
20:17 < didleth> and guest-pl-kacz?
20:17 <@boud> me testing :P
20:17  * anna is here to idle mostly, i have a million things
to do for the g8
20:17 < anna> if that's ok
20:18 <@boud> :)
20:19 < anna> but if course if ppl want to talk about that, and
offer help, that's a completely different thing :)
20:20 <@boud> possible topics tonight:
20:20 <@boud> 1 - G8
20:20 < didleth> I can help in indymedia when the g8 started
- I don't konw, or I will be in Germany or in Poland
20:21 < didleth> but I'm affraid aboud my language ;/
20:21 < anna> i'm sure most of us will have that problem with
most languages :)
20:21 < nattfodd> didleth: no issue, none of us are native speakers
20:22 < nattfodd> and your english is way better than my polish
20:22 < didleth> :) I can try germany ;-)
20:22 <@boud> 2 - belarus demos http://belarus.indymedia.org/9080
and/or May social forum http://belarus.indymedia.org/9131
20:23 <@boud> 3 - paris gare du nord riot
20:23 < didleth> english is not my good side ;-)
20:23 < nattfodd> have to run, back in a little while
20:23 < anna> start with the other ones, really, i'm drowning
in work
20:25 <@boud> didleth kyi, any preferences for topic?
20:25 <@boud> tosk - awake? ;)
20:25 < didleth> no - I don't have no pregferentes topic, but
we can talk about g8
20:26 <@boud> anna says first the other topics
20:26 < didleth> aha, sorry, i didn't understand it
20:26 <@boud> so maybe kyi and topic 3 paris gare du nord riot
20:27 <@boud> any objections?
20:27 < anna> i asked in #g8 whether anyone wants to come
20:27 < anna> no
20:28 <@boud> kyi? topic 3 - 
20:28 <@boud> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/www-features/2007-March/0329-zd.html
20:30 <@boud> is there an (en) ready yet?
20:30 < didleth> it's all french ;/
20:31 <@boud> guards in the metro (pociag w miasto) captured
someone without a ticket and broke his hand
20:32 -!- kwadronaut [...] has joined #europe
20:32 <@boud> pl: ochronny kasowali reke od osoby bez biletu
20:32 <@boud> people were angry against the guards
20:32 <@boud> pl: byl wielka zla miedzy innymi osobami
20:33 <@boud> there was abig fight -300 police had difficulty
controlling the situation
20:34 <@boud> pl: byla walka - 300 policji mieli trudnosc cokolwiek
20:34 <@boud> it was tuesday evening ? wtorek?
20:34 <@boud> kyi?
20:37 < kyi> yes boud
20:37 < kyi> sorry
20:37 <@boud> was it tuesday evening ? wtorek?
20:37 <@boud> yes to tuesday?
20:38 <@boud> mardi
20:38 < kyi> oui
20:38 < kyi> we're talking about indymedia.org features here
? great
20:38 < kyi> the translation is partly ready
20:38 < kyi> we could publish it in french and english now
20:39 -!- skep [...] has joined #europe
20:39 < kyi> i'm gonna send the translatioon  of the part 1 now
on the features-list
20:40 < skep> hi, do you need some informations on the g8 preparations
(mainly about the mediacentre stuff)?
20:41 <@boud> skep: that's next after gare do nord riot 
20:41 < skep> k
20:41 <@boud> unless belarus people come along
20:41 < skep> ok, will hang out here for a while in case you
need some infos
20:41 < didleth> you nean they will not come?
20:43 <@boud> i am not their boss
20:43 <@boud> :)
20:45 < kyi> i've just sent the translation of the 1st part to
the www-features-list
20:45 < kyi> for the gare du nord riot topic
20:46 < kyi> do you think we can publish it tonight?
20:46 <@boud> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/www-features/2007-March/0329-xf.html
20:46 <@boud> after the 6 hour delay for comments i don't see
a problem
20:47 < kyi> ok
20:47 <@boud> if nobody complains on www-features
20:47 < kyi> :)
20:48 <@boud> if there's no more on the riot, i suggest ew go
to G8
20:48 <@boud> and maybe someone else can facilitate/moderate? 
20:49 <@boud> didleth + anna + skep are interested in g8
20:50 < didleth> so...what want indymedia do in g8? i mean about
20:51 < skep> indymedia, together with other media ctivists groups
(radio, video groups) is planning a mediacentre in rostock
20:52 < skep> there are two possible places for that, one building
in the city centre, another one in the outskirts of rostock
20:53 < skep> indymedia germany decided lat week to put their
main effort in the bigger school in the outskirts of Rostock,
the so called "evershagen" school, there many other groups will
be located (ngo's, the convergence center ect)
20:53  * boud BTW tosk austria / nattfood kyi fr / anna berlin
/ boud didleth torun (pl) / skep de(?)
20:53 < skep> skep(de) yes
20:55 < skep> didleth: indymedia wants to do the following things
during the g8:
20:55 < kyi> boud: who can publish on the website ? i'd like
to do it but for the moment i only did translations (hungary riots,
ungdomshuset, etc.
20:56 < skep> have an open public access space in the school
(maybe together with the convergence center group) where ppl can
check on the latest news, check their emails ect., also we want
another room for mediaactivists (from other countries) where ppl
write features and bring their local imc-sites up to date
20:57 < didleth> one moment - I'm traing to undertand
20:57 < didleth> what is ppl?
20:57 < skep> we want try to make a dispatch (sending out all
the confirmed news) via breaking news on the website irc (and
all the usual channels) and hopefully via WAP (for mobiles)
20:58 < skep> ppl = people
21:02 < didleth> good idea, and does any people, who will to
take information form street to indymedia?
21:04 < skep> the dispatch team will (hopefully) have a telephone
number..so people from the streets (perhaps other imc people and/or
everyone else) can give updates to indymedia
21:05 < skep> the dispatch team will then try to confiorm these
infos and get them out as confirmed news to the website, irc,
wap (mobile news-ticker)
21:08 < skep> also some people want to make a print "magazine"
each day with articles about all the events that happend that
day and distribute it on the street and in the convergence center
21:08 < didleth> it's a good idea - not everyone has konwledge
about computer
21:09 < skep> right
21:10 < skep> some video groups (not imc) want to make public
screening as well..with videos from the day..kinda like the daily
print magazine, there is also a radio planned by radio-groups
21:11 < didleth> I belive it will be good to write, what is the
right in Germany, what cen do policesman etc...
21:12 <@boud> right = legal rights etc
21:12 < skep> right..I think that is already done by other groups
like dissent
21:12 < skep> let me check
21:12 < didleth> praw - jakokolwiek to jet po angielsku ; )
21:12 < didleth> prawo
21:12 < anna> there is a fantastic broshure online
21:12 < anna> english
21:13 < didleth> super :) I belive it could be in indymedia few
days before summit
21:13  * boud to dobre slowo
21:13 < anna> http://gipfelsoli.org/Multilanguage is in general
a good source for information
21:13 < anna> http://gipfelsoli.org/rcms_repos/Antirepression/UK_visitor_winners_guide.pdf
21:14 < skep> http://www.gipfelsoli.org/rcms_repos/Antirepression/Police_powers_and_presence_for_the_G8_summit.pdf
21:15 < anna> there are a lot of documents on repression in several
languages at the bottom of the right column of that multilanguage
21:15 < anna> http://gipfelsoli.org/rcms_repos/International/news_1_pl.pdf
- even found one newsletter in polish ;)
21:16 < anna> http://dissentnetzwerk.org/node/255 has more
21:16 < skep> oh..and for all indymedia g8 related stuff there
is a mailinglist: imc-g8@lists.indymedia.org
21:17 < skep> this is the multilanguage (well..mostly english)
speaking list
21:18 < didleth> had it archivum?
21:19 < skep> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-g8/
21:19 < skep> yes
21:19 < skep> so far its not much activity on that list, but
I think it will be in the near future
21:19 < didleth> thanks
21:20 < skep> anything else you would like to know?
21:21 < didleth> In this moment not, tahnks
21:23 < kyi> hey, is there anyone here native english or american
that could re-read the 2nd part of the english translation, about
the paris riots of last tuesday ?
21:26 < anna> :). i have this feeling that you don't want the
title to say 'popular riots'?
21:26 < anna> what's the french original for that?
21:26 < anna> more like 'people's riot' or 'well liked riots'?
21:26 < kyi> Paris : Emeute populaire � la gare du Nord
21:27 < kyi> yes, people's riot...
21:27 < anna> whenever i have these types of questions i go to
#uk, they are generally very helpful with things like that
21:27 < kyi> not really "well liked"...
21:27 < anna> (i'm not sure how to translate that well)
21:28 < kyi> hehe
21:28 < kyi> the same for me
21:34 < didleth> ok, sorry I have to go now...
21:34 < didleth> so bye and to the next time :)
21:38 <@boud> popular en / populaire fr   is a "faux ami" ;)
21:38 -!- didleth [...] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
21:40 < anna> in a way i like it here, the popular riots :)
21:41 <@boud> :)
21:44 < kyi> well
21:44 < kyi> you'll have to choose, for the title
21:49 <@boud> i would suggest: "Paris: Spontaneous Riot at the
Gare du Nord"
21:49 <@boud> it's not a literal translation
21:50 <@boud> or maybe: "Paris: Spontaneous Uprising at the Gare
du Nord" ?
21:53 < nattfodd> uprising sounds better
21:54 < anna> how about just 'riots at gare du nord'?
21:56  * boud provocatively suggests: 'Riots led by the Enlightened
Vanguard at Gard du Nord' or 'Riots Led by Bernard Henri-Levy
at Gard du Nord'
21:57  * boud the polish trotskists would probably claim credit
for having organised the Gard du Nord events
21:57  * boud being silly
21:59 <@boud> anna and/or skep - any idea (public or private
info; this chat is in principle public and the log will be published)
about mobile phones at G8?
21:59 < kyi> this one sounds good to me --> "Paris: Spontaneous
Riot at the Gare du Nord"
21:59 <@boud> i heard claims that they were likely to be blocked
22:00 < anna> can you be more specific? or: yes, so far mobiles
are legal in germany :)
22:00 < skep> hehe
22:00 < anna> that's a claim you will hear before any possible
protest nowadays, no?
22:01 < anna> it results in long debates about different things
people have heard, usually 
22:01 <@boud> i meant that either the companies will kindly turn
off their transmitters for a day or two in return for xx million
euros compensation
22:01 < anna> in short: we won't know
22:01 < skep> the thing is..the police communication is still
not digital so even the cops are using mobiles..
22:01 <@boud> after all G8 leaders have M-euros to spend
22:01 < anna> hardly ever happenes
22:02 <@boud> or someone in a Ministry will order them to do
it or the US army coming in will drop bunches of aluminium near
power cords creating interference or whatever
22:03 <@boud> i guess it depends on who controls which budget
or plans what action and with what priority, how much there's
internal conflicts among the elites
22:03 < skep> be aware that the g8-camps and heiligendamm itself
is in a very rural area where you normally don't have the capacities
for lots and lots of mobiles..so there might be some problems
from a technical point of view as well..
22:04 <@boud> e.g. how much tacit (silent) support for protestors
exists among employees of the phone companies, the cops, the army,
22:05 < skep> we will know in june ;)
22:05 <@boud> we hope to have a mobile-phone-to-indymedia module
functioning in samizdat well before the G8 - so people can report
to imc belarus, ukraine, torun directly from mobile phones which
can send out emails
22:06 < anna> normally the journalists also rely on mobiles and
won't be happy to be lost in the middle of nowhere without them
22:07 < anna> and we're in the phase of make poverty history,
so they won't want to make everybody hate them
22:26 < nattfodd> don't they?
22:28 < anna> they do, but they try to pretend they don't
22:29 <@boud> The Great Wall is a symbol of their Love for us
22:30 < nattfodd> anna: so they won't care to shut down cellphones
if corporate media don't report on it
22:31 < anna> but they will
22:31 < nattfodd> corporate media?
22:31 < nattfodd> I really don't think so
22:31 < anna> we had that - the wall to protect the people of
all evil
22:31 < anna> here corporate media will
22:35 -!- godjei [...] has joined #europe
23:53 < kyi> boud kwadronaut nattfodd --> http://pics.boum.org/detournements
23:56 < nattfodd> d\xE9j\xE0 vu :)
23:57 < kyi> :)
--- Log closed pią mar 30 00:00:40 2007

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