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<< EuropeImc << ImcPoland

Any indymedia people in Central/Eastern Europe, please feel free to add useful content, make corrections, etc. to this page. Clarity and usefulness are the goals of most wiki pages.

IMCs in Central & Eastern Europe:

"approval" means a site has followed guidelines at NewImcHowTo and been discussed and proposed at, and then proposed at

The order within each category here is chronological, maybe it should be alphabetical later on.

approved by network and functioning website

IMC Russian-language (Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev)

  • open publishing site -
  • general (no public archive) contact - mailto: indyru at (old address: mailto:indyru at
  • Moscow collective (no public archive) contact - mailto: indymoskwa at
    • request for Moscow group by dissident - see below
  • Kiev - see new Ukraine group below
  • translator (not indymedia) -
  • mailing list ???
  • ImcMoscowNatBols - some info on attempts by fascists (and sympathisers) to get involved in indymedia

Polska ImcPoland

(collective approved; site functioning)

Węgier (Hungary) ImcMagyar

(collective approved; site functioning)



Ukraine Indymedia (3rd generation) - evolved from IMC-ru-lang

mailing lists



Piter (St Petersburg)

approved by network but non-hierarchy and independence unclear


getting organised

Slovensko (Slovakia)

Slovakia - local Roma human rights activist network

Not quite indymedia, but probably would be interested - it's clear they're doing fundamental grassroots human rights activism (they are hierarchical, though). It seems that the forming IMC Slovakia collective is in good contact with them:

admin at League of Human Rights Advocates, Zabotova 2, Bratislava tel/fax +421 2 524 94720


Prague-Czechy ImcPraha

(collective disappeared; deadline for site to be frozen was 1 July 2004, declared early June; as of 5 August 2004, still no responses)

Belgrade (Serbia) IMC Belgrade

Hrvatska (Chorwacja) ImcCroatia

sort-of-indymedia collectives/websites

not so serious attempts to organise

CE Europe f2f meetings

CE Europe mailing list

CE Europe irc meetings

To edit this section, go to ImcCEEIrc.

last Thursday each month #europe

next meeting: Thur 28.06.2007 - 18:00 UTC = 20:00 UTC+2 (pl/hu) = 21:00 UTC+3 (by/ua) = 22:00 UTC+4 (moscow)

Future meetings


Past meetings


date/logfile active participants topics
ImcCEE070628Log 2 pl, 1 piter (1 lurker: at) IMC Piter
ImcCEE070329Log 2 pl, 2 de, 2 fr (1 lurker: at) G8: multilanguage antirepression en antirep 2 pl dissentnetzwerk pl imc-g8 indymedia mailing list, antiracist revolt at Gare du Nord in Paris
ImcCEE070222Log 2 ro, 1 by, 1 pl, 1 at (1 lurker: ro) belarus news: anniversary of presidential election protests unlikely to be a miracle protest, belarus unions opposing short-term contracts, US bases preparing in Romania for Iran attack, IMC Poland/IMC Toruń situations, neonazizm in Poland
ImcCEE070125Log 1 by, 1 pl arrest in Belarus of activist Stas 2 3, WSF Nairobi, samizdat, irc meetings, 6 deg separation hypothesis


date/logfile active participants topics
ImcCEE061221Log 1 by, 1 pl (1 lurker: toulouse) indypendent NYC green party advert, learning irc, mobile phone/cms usage by unofficial IMC St Petersburg:
ImcCEE061130Log 3 by, 3 pl ahimsa, CCCP server closings, imc italy closing - tmp file
ImcCEE061026Log 3 pl, 2 by, 1 europe/de (1 lurker moscow) anty-G8, experience/safety/functioning of imc belarus
ImcCEE060928Log 4 pl, 1 hu, 1 by (1 lurker moscow) polish translation of hungary protests article, belarus situation, animal rights activists in belarus, belarus imc situation, imc vs livejournal, hungary situation, vegetarianism in hungary and poland activist circles ImcCEE060928

CE Europe collective coverage

  • NoBorder2004 - early August 2005 - from Belgrade up north along the Berlin, whoops, EU, wall - hoping that different IMCs will add info to the wiki

other contacts

other Rom networks


resistanceinslovenia at

Resistance against NATO and militarism in Slovenia (english) activist network of resistance against NATO 5:00pm Wed Oct 30 '02 resistanceinslovenia at article#213826

Resistance against NATO and militarism in Slovenia

On November 21 and 22 (2002), the NATO-summit will take place in Prague. As the preparation and mobilisation for the protests and actions in Prague are in full swing, active resistance is growing also in Slovenia, one of the candidate states for NATO membership. From 7th to 10th November demonstrations and actions against NATO and for peace will take place in Ljubljana. Some background information, description of resistance activities, and a call for support.

the Erased of Slovenia

Not yet indymedia, but some sort of independent media...

Bosnia? Serbo-Croatian language? 31. SERBO-CROATIA?? From: "Dejan Nikic" dejann at To: Subject: Serbo-Croatian IMC

Hi, I just received an email from SH-IMC mailing list and people were wondering if there is some kind of Serbo-Croat IMC structure. Also someone said that is up to the people of former Yugoslavia to make it. I'm currently in Seattle, WA but I'm originally form Sarajevo, Bosnia. I would like to set up a Serbo-Croat IMC structure, but I really don't know what to do exactly. I'm a network admin and web designer so I can create WebPages or whatever needed for this project. If you could give me some kind of outline on how to start this and what to do and also who to contact. Thnx.

South Eastern Europe Social Forum

If the South Eastern Europe Social Forum and the European Consulta really exist, then they would be a good place to contact people likely to participate in Indymedia and make it a truly grassroots, non-hierarchical, independent media collective in the Balkans.

A Different Balkan is Possible

anarchist newsgroup for Eastern Europe

Azerbaijan human rights wiki

anti-border cultural networking

USAID/NED/IRI/NDI rose/orange/tulip revolutions

USAID/NED/IRI/NDI e.g.,,1360080,00.html partly use internet groups to invoke social change in countries bordering Russia in order that US corporations and the market can make poor people poorer. How do/can/should new indymedias in the region deal with this?
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