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  • Fri 23 - informal one-to-one meetings happened
  • Sat 24
    • 13:00 gym (basement big school) IMC Romania
      • this became a general indymedia meeting, since noone active from Indymedia Romania was present
      • we heard brief descriptions by/with individuals from IMC Hungary and from IMC Poland, and from a Belgrade activist (who doesn't have direct contact with IMC Belgrade) meta discussion on process - how to meet further during this PGA meeting
  • Sun 25 - 17:00 Room 3 (big school)
    • Some IMC Belgrade people and IMC Russian-language people told us something about their IMCs
    • and we split up into 4 working groups
      • preparing a global feature on the PGA
      • trying to sort out whether activists in Venezuela want to have IMC Venezuela, what the communications problems are, whatever - see Venezuela Pachamerica
      • local versus global - should there be more global processes in indymedia and how should we do this?
      • problems of e.g. Belgrade Indymedia with only 5% internet penetration - can print and radio be a useful development?
  • Mon 26 - informal discussions
  • Tue 27 - Hacklab discussion
  • Wed 28 - will we organise a final indymedia@PGA meeting or are we more interested in the action meetings?
  • Thu 29


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