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Who we are

Document status: Italian version approved, translation needing final revision

IMC Calabria - Indipendent Media Center Calabria - is a project in which collectives, reporters, media-activists and individuals are involved in order to realize an independent platform for producing radical news with a bottom-up approach. We wish to do all this with passion, constancy, accuracy, truthfulness, and spirit of sharing and collaboration.

Everyone who is involved in the IMC Calabria project agree considering the traditional media as a source of a partial information, bent to strong powers, to the god\x97money; an information which is an instrument of power, employed for controlling and fitting lots of people, and for levelling out and bringing under control the brains. It is from this point that this project wishes to build up a free, self\x97managed alternative and independent information, with the purpose of making known events which are distorted, neglected or completely ignored by the mainstream media. The people who wishes to participate to the CMI Calabria project will be themselves their own media and turn down the idea to delegate the informative task to the \x93official\x94 media.

To realize our purpose is really a bet. We are aware that in order to carry out our purposes to build up an information really coming from the lower part is necessary the largest possible participation. We are able to put everything to anybody disposal, to do all this in practice. The most important instrument of this project is its web site, with which we wish to make it useful to everybody, in whatever moment, very cheap the obtained information. The web site has also the aim, not less important, to make the production of information a common work and to widen the participation outside the traditional editorial office. IMC Calabria really is a project open to everyone's collaboration, on voluntary base. By the web Site everyone interested and with an Internet connection can give always his contribution to this project, sending articles, audio/video files and documents, in the spirit of the \x93open publishing\x94. IMC Calabria applies all the possible techniques in order to guarantee the utmost anonymity and the utmost confidential nature of whom publishes the news and contributes to the project, avoiding to register of IP addresses and other personal information. The instruments we have chosen for managing this project are the periodical personal meetings of persons who are involved, and open to all interested, and also the instruments of the electronic communication (list of discussion or mailinglist, chat IRC ,ecc). CMI Calabria has no hierarchical structure and the decisional method we adopt his similar to the so called \x93favourable consensus\x94: deciding only when all agree about the choice to make, unless there are not stated an explicit veto.

The enrolment in the mailing list, \x93virtual\x94 place of the daily discussion and permanent assembly of the project and accessible to all even if not registered, is open to all people and is voluntary. Granted that the archives are public, we take for granted that who becomes a member, is because he shares the aims an the concepts of the project and wishes to work about. The web site in the future will be integrated in an Italian geographical Network.

IMC Calabria has no seat, neither editorial offices; there are no persons paid for the developed work. The collective printing firm is constituted in a representational way. The project is not for money and all the economic activities are for the supporting of the project and his enterprises IMC Calabria is financed neither by an economic nor political institution.

This project begins from the local calabrian place, active from 2OO4,from the temporarily suspended experience of Italy Indymedia, and is part of the Indymedia global network, of which it shares the fundamental principles and the methodological practice, fully.

Furthermore, also among the aims of this project we find:
  1. to create physical \x93media centers\x94 on the occasion of very important and particularly interesting events;
  2. to provide technical and logistical support to all who are involved in the independent information;
  3. To provide to single persons and groups the technical knowledges for creating directly their own self-managed media;
  4. to create a kind of historical archive for information, materials and documents which otherwise would and submerged by the flow of the official information and consequently forgotten.


Document status: Approved, translation needing final revision


The agreed lines of (open) publishing (policy) are a series of norms that the collective Indymedia Calabria has given to itself with the purpose to establish what information can be published on the website and about it what formality and criterions are used.

IMC Calabria is an open publishing website. That means that everyone is able in any moment autonomously to publish texts, multimedia files and other contents in the part of the website called "notiziario" (newswire) A consistent part of the policy establishes which news in open publishing will be hidden or removed by the site, but this is not the only purpose of this document.

\x93Open publishing\x94 means specifically that it's not anticipated any type of prevented moderation on open publishing of the contents, for which these are automatically published on the site and they immediately become usable to everyone. With this type of choice we intend to encourage the user reading the information to become also producer and author of the information he joints, and we want to spark off a transparent, critical, open and continuous process of redefinition and discussion of the news.

Besides, from choice, IMC Calabria defends as far as possible the privacy of persons participating in the open publishing, avoiding to record IP addresses and other informations that could bring back to the author of the published material.

If, from a side, this choices have been taken with the purpose to guarantee to whoever wants to contribute to the project the maximum liberty and the guarantee not to be censored in some way, often and unfortunately, they are in otherside cause of ample abuses of the newswire. We don't intend nevertheless to abdicate, because of stupidity of few, the model of open publishing, that is almost exclusive peculiarity of the project Indymedia. We want that the website of IMC Calabria is used and respected as free space of information, which is free offered to all community, and we want to persevere into guarantee as much as possible to everyone publishing own contributions without any type of censure. For these reasons we are given some precise norms that establish which one among news, contributions, published comments will be considered not fit, and which kind of actions will be undertaken for keeping on the website an enjoyable space to everyone, in the respect of everyone.

Structure of the site, admins, organization of the project

The website of the project IMC Calabria introduces in two principal areas: 1. A central column, containing the features (Italian: articoli) published by the managing collective of the same project. 1. A column positioned on the right side, called newswire (italian: notiziario), containing the news and the contributions published by anyone, according to the system of the open publishing.

Some people of the collective who is organizing the process are also admins of the website, who are able: 1. to materially publish texts and images in the central column of the website. 1. to hide, to modify or to cancel contributions from the newswire.

The decisional and discussion platform about every aspect of the project is its mailing list. When it\x92s necessary, in the mailing list of management it\x92s used to be discussed and eventually agreed the organization of a \x93live\x94 and to all opened meeting.

All the decisions are taken by the collective with a method similar to the "method of the consensus", whose purpose is that one to agree the different points of view. The system of the vote is not generally used, even if sometimes this could be temporarily selected by following a decision taken with the method of the consensus.

The main goal of the website Indymedia Calabria is to give voice to all that news which haven\x92t found place in the traditional media (mainstream) or which have been twisted in some other way, distorted or hidden. Although the main focus of IMC Calabria is about facts and events regarding the Calabrian territory, news from national or international context are admitted as well.

Open publishing (newswire)

General orientations

The principal orientation of the project towards the open publishing is to try to avoid any form of censure, in transparent and democratic way.

Nevertheless the last experience has shown that the management of a open publishing system is complex and delicate, and sometimes it\x92s necessary to hide or to cancel the contributions and the news published by the users of the site. With these agreed lines of publishing we intend to limit, as much as possible, the draw on to subjective criterions from the admins into develop these operations.

If an article violates the agreed lines of publishing, the admins will effect the as less as possible invasive action in relationship to the case. The invasivity order from the lowest one to the highest one, is: change, hide and cancellation, this last one will be undertaken in extrema ratio. When a attached file to a new (es.: photos, audio, video) violates the policy (but not the article in which is attached), it will be modified, hidden or cancelled.

The operations of change, hiding and cancellation can only be made by the admins in the cases provided by these agreed lines of publishing.

Attached multimedia files

The multimedia particularly heavy files in terms of busy space on the disk of the file server (limit for every photo: 3 MB; limit for every video: 20 MB) could be cancelled - in the case in which the agreed lines of publishing are not respected - or moved on sites of projects that reflect our vision of the information (es.:,, etc.) - in the case in which they are instead respected. The purpose is to save about the costs and the resources used by the server which host our site.


IMC Calabria guarantees the protection of the privacy and the reservation through the editing of published personal data (e.g..: names, last names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) which will be made by the admins. In the sphere of influence of the privacy the names of those people that cover institutional charges are not contemplated, particularly charges on electoral delegation or public positions of relief in the social, political and economic, local or national scenery. Identical criterion is also worth for the names of personality of the show business. The editing of the personal data materializes with the substitution of such data with a sequence of \x93X\x94 letters.

IMC Calabria recommends to whom loads multimedia files to edit faces and other sensitive details (es.: auto plates) in photos and videos. When some loaded multimedia files don't respect such recommendation, they will be (and not the whole article they belong to, unless the same article doesn't violate the policy) will be temporarily moved in a special section which is not visible to users of the website. The conformity to the policy of the multimedia files will be discussed subsequently in the mailing list and it will be here decided if and how editing its sensitive details.

The action of change of an article or of a multimedia file from an admin is entirely admitted for reasons regarding the safeguard of the privacy.

Hiding of news

With the purpose to maintain transparency towards the users of Indymedia Calabria website, the fascist and sexists news, political , party, electoral or religious propaganda, the duplicates and the empty news will be hidden (and moved in a special section denominated \x93notizie nascoste\x94 \x96 hidden news) without deleting them. Only particularly serious or dangerous contents will be deleted. The section "hidden news" contains explanations around the reasons that have determined the choice to set the news in such section, which won't be index-linked from search engines and where a particular filigree will be stamped on the page and so it will point out the difference of this section. Also the messages which are objectively deprived of any informative content will be hidden. For any informative content we intend, e.g., the expression of states of mind that, even if shareable, don't contain any type of information.

The news in foreign language on the newswire which are not immediately comprehensible will be hidden up to when the mailing list collective won't have had the opportunity of translating it completely.

Deletion of news

No admins could delete a news on own initiative. The deletion is used to be discussed in the mailing list. In cases of particular gravity, the news at issue can temporarily be moved in a not-visible area to the user of the website. The eventuality of the deletion will subsequently be discussed in the mailing list.

Moderation as an open and transparent process

In the point of view of the maximum transparency, all the actions of change, hiding and deleting of news will produce the automatic forwarding from our software of an email to a notify list, whose files will publicly be consulted from everyone. Every e-mail will be accompanied by a synthetic explanation of changing or hiding or deleting reasons from the admin.

Besides we encourage whoever to take part in the "moderation" process of the flow of the open publishing news. We recommend to anyone who is interested to ask the changing, the hiding or the deleting of a news, to join Indymedia Calabria mailing list and to discuss about it with the mailing list collective together. Nevertheless we realize that for different reasons this cannot be always possible, so one puts to disposition on our website a \x93contact form\x94, through which it\x92s possible to ask for an intervention of the admins without letting the user to join the mailing list.


The news on the website are categorized for best viewing by users. Special sections are prevented for the opinions and for the statements. The website of IMC Calabria will mainly deal, as much as possible, with "first-hand news." Objectively interesting news which are already published by other media of mainstream (radio, tv, newspapers, etc.) will be moved to a special section for distinguishing them from the others.


The website of the project is a tool of expression is made available to the community and is not a vehicle of the opinions of the mailing list collective: IMC Calabria doesn't necessarily agree with all the contents of the published articles. Besides, a timely control is not ever guaranteed from the admins on the presence of news, comments, contributions, opinions which don\x92t meet the agreed lines of publishing. That must be considered in the light of the particular system of publishing used by the project.


The features published in the central column are discussed and written by the mailing list collective. Every single person can propose the publishing of a feature in the central column, or also only to contribute to the collective work that will bring to the feature publishing. The articles published in the central column are discussed in the main mailing list of the IMC Calabria project, with a system similar to \x93the consensus method\x94.

IMC Calabria collective aspires to create a instrument for news production which begins from the bottom and so it involves itself to publish features that concern news of particular importance published in the newswire.


The IMC Calabria project has a critical vision of the classical copyright concept, and therefore all the contents of the website and all the contributions of its users (if otherwise specified not) are released under the license Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale \x96 condividi allo stesso modo 2.5 Italy License ( Shortly, this means that any content of the website is re-usable from anyone, without necessity of some authorization, as long as that is not done for commercial targets.

Membership Criteria

Document status: Approved, translation needing final revision

a. Agree in spirit to the NIMC Mission Statement and principles of unity. Calabria Indymedia is convinced of the necessity of a tool which spreads the high truths, that ones which don't have space, because they are uncomfortable and don't make audience. IMC calabria intends to operate toward the horizontality of the communications and intends to constitute itself as autonomous collective inside NIMC. in this sense it wants to be tool to give voice to whom desires to give own vision of facts and events. IMC Calabria wants to be a different space compared to the official medias.

b. Have a committed membership substantial enough to sustain a functional IMC. IMC calabria puts itself out for a remarkable partecipation such to manage in autonomy a working IMC. The partecipation\x92s tools are: Mailing-list, meetings which, according to the cases, will be anyway frequent. The collective is at the moment composed by those people who were already involved in the old local IMC Calabria, and by new participants who have recently joined the project. All the components involve themselves to actively participate, on base to their competences, and they are also prepared to acquire the necessary main competences for letting working an imc. The total number of the subscribed persons to the mailing list is actually around 22.

c. Have open and public meetings (no one group can have exclusionary "ownership" of an IMC). Calabria Indymedia members are fully aware of the idea that nobody can have the exclusive ownership of an IMC. Meetings It will be predisposed meetings open to everybody and publicized at the maximum of the possibilities of Calabria Indymedia, with the purpose to assure the maximum partecipation. Calabria Indymedia is aware of the fact that the comparison among individuals is ever necessary for favoring the circulation of the ideas and for an ever fully partecipation to the project of indymedia.

d. Work toward developing a local Mission Statement or Statement of Purpose. Network Mission Statement may be adopted or used on an interim basis.

Calabria indymedia works for a shared local Mission Statement and occasionally it uses the Mission Statement of the Network.

e. Establish and publish an editorial policy which is developed and functions through democratic process, and with full transparency.

Calabria indymedia works for the realization of a publishing policy or rather shared lines of publication (Acronym LCP), the editing of such policy is realized through a process of extreme democracy and full transparency, the decisions are collective and consensuate. An agreed policy has been currently compiled with the mechanisms as mensioned above.

f. Agree to the use of Open Publishing as described in the NIMC Editorial Policy [editorial collective comments: "We did agree that the term "Open Publishing" was one that is still being defined by the Global Network Collective, and we would wait and see what the results were before rewriting this criteria]

The base of the modus operandi of Calabria Indymedia is the open publishing. The open publishing is the only model assumed from Calabria indymedia as it regards the way of doing information.

g. Adopt a decision-making policy that is in alignment with consensus principles which include open, transparent and egalitarian processes.

The procedure, by which the policy is etablished, is in a consensual way. The different points of the policy are discussed in live meetings, so they are posted in mailing list and, subsequently, they are analyzed by all mailing list components and compiled through wiki, in which they are eventually modified if there\x92s agreement or consensus about necessity of bringing changes in the policy. The consensus method is the only one to be used for the policy\x92s editing.

h. Have a spokesperson(s) willing and capable of participating in the global decision-making process and meetings as a rotating liaison/representative, with a clear understanding of the responsibilities that come with this role.

Every member of IMC Calabria, by turns and according to own possibilities and abilities, involves himself to participate in the global decisional process. When global meetings will occur, whoever will participate in the meeting as exponents designated by calabria indymedia. They will be the spokespersons of the Indymedia Calabria agreed requests. Currently the spokespersons are Serafo and Kendy subscribed on the New-IMC mailing list, Fatanera subscribed on IMC-Finance list, Psylocibe subscribed on IMC-Tech list. Serafo and Pumapiuma subscribed on IMC-Process list and on IMC-Comunication list.

i. Participate in the key IMC Network Communication Methods that pertain to the health and vitality of the Network and that contribute to the work of the IMC. Assure that at least one person from your local IMC participates at any given time on the IMC-Communication list [[] [IMC-Communication]]. Some members of Indymedia Calabria collective, agreedely designed as spokespersons of the IMC Calabria mailing list whole group will participate in the list IMC-Communication. The designated ones involve themselves to furnish active collaboration for the development of the international network also for what it concerns the various decisional, communicative and comparative occasions.

j. Have no official affiliation with any political party, state or candidate for office. (comments: but individual producers have freedom to do whatever they like and local IMCs can "feature" stories about various political parties and initiatives), All the official affiliations of calabria indymedia to any party, state, political candidate are banished but individuals, who are subscribed to parties or political organisations, are supposed to join the project.

k. IMCs shall in no way engage in commercial for-profit enterprises. Indymedia Calabria banishes every for-profit activity of own local IMC. Any economic initiative will be only and exclusively of no-profit kind.

l. Display a local version of the IMC logo on your website and literature. We are working on it and very shortly we will have the results of the work.

m. Include the IMC Network current Cities List on your site, preferably on the front page. The list of all the active indymedia IMCs all around the world will clearly be visible in homepage of Indymedia Calabria web site.

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