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IMC China

IMC China does not exist (yet?). One reason is that ch1nese g0vernment uses an internet f1ltering technique which will disallow acce55 (almost) anything the g0vernment does not like the countries' inhabitants to see. This f1lter can also trigger an advanced mechanism which will notify the author1ties that a possible non-conf0rmant person has accessed a disliked web site.

There is a web site which provides additional information on this f1ltering mechanism.

ALERT! WARNING: this website itself is blocked in PRC or will set off keyword triggers!

ALERT! 这个网站被阻拦在中华人民共和国或将引起主题词触发器!

F1ltering report

Instead, to avoid alerting authorities, download this single gzipped PDF file: zittrain_hacktivism.pdf.gz

过滤的报告在中华人民共和国- 警告: 更好的向上作用的负载这唯一pdf, gzipped 文件避免警告当局

wikipedia experience

The following is deliberately in a difficult to fi1ter style, consistent with the above - please do NOT correct spelling errors.

As of 2005, had twice been shut down by the author1ities - but the community using it is so large (as of 10 Aug 2005 the zh wikipedia has over 36,000 articles) that it convinced the g0vt to lift the global f1lter. Now (as of Aug 2005), individual URLs to sensitive pages (see report) are blocked inside of ma1nlnd chna, with the result that some of the most controversial pages (such as a certain sect whose initials are GF backwards) are extremely hotly debated on the wikipedia page by chinese speakers outside of the mainland, i.e. in Tai1, Malaysia, Singapore, HK, US, Europe, i.e. the g0vt is effectively removing the chance for people on the mainland to influence knowledge distribution regarding subjects it worries are controlled from outside. So wikipedia is surviving in .zh without autocens0rsh1p - there is cns0rsh1p, but the g0vt has a fundamental problem: the chinese-speaking community is both local and global.


People in chna might want to consider using blogs - cf the experience in Iran - ImcIranPossibilities

-- AlsteR - 11 Jul 2005

wikipedia and cf iran experience in blogs -- BouD - 10 Aug 2005
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