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Notes from an IMC Gathering in Newcastle, Australia (8 October, 2000)

by This Is Not Art Attendees 2:44pm Fri Oct 13 2000

Report from a regional meeting of IMC practitioners. Ideas for Australia and the World.

Global Issues:

  1. Individual IMCs must retain a high degree of autonomy as the global network develops. What tasks benefit from centralization? What benefits does the global network gain from standardization and similarity between individual outlets? What benefits does it gain from diversity?
  2. IMCs should avoid commercialization at all costs. What constitutes commercialization? How do we deal with growing costs?
  3. Open publishing lies at the heart of the IMC movement, and any editorial policy that exists should make all efforts to not dampen the free expression of public media.
  4. How can IMCs outreach to members of the public not already involved in activist movements?
  5. How can the global IMC network address the de facto hierarchies that exist within the global network? Control of an access to technology? Decision-making processes?

Australia-Specific Issues:

  1. Australia-based Independent Media Centers (or IMCs)should pursue server autonomy, meaning that they should not strictly depened on overseas servers to host. Participants recognized the value of storing content elsewhere in order to continue operations if threatened by technical breakdowns or attempted legal censorship, but also did not want to dependence on foreign servers.
  2. Australia-based IMCs could use a central site for directing viewer traffic and organizing events or undertakings that require national coordination ( This site would not serve as a center for news, rather it would act like on a national level.
  3. IMCs in Austrlia should worrk toward the distribution of a national print newspaper. Several proposals came up for how this might eventuate (acknowledging that at present only two IMCs exist in Austrlia).
    1. All IMCs could select stories from their respective sites and post them to the national site in .pdf format. Local IMCs could then assemble their own version of the paper and distribute it locally. Or...
    2. Individual IMCs (at this point Sydney and Melbourne taking a turn once a month to create a fortnightly paper) could take turns shouldering the responsibility for creating the entire newspaper and then local IMCs could distribute. (Does Sydney have people willing to participate in creating print papers? Contact the Melbourne IMCers - mim antimedia net)
    3. Other ideas?
  4. How can we outreach to other Australian cities/regions/communities in order to encourage the spread of Indymedia? (note: Canberra wants an IMC).
  5. Funding?


These comments are from the original article, please don't add more - add another section for that if you need to. This is mainly just a historical document.

australia IMC network & regional perspective

by mlis 2:18pm Mon Oct 16 2000

Given our privileged position (well, mostly privileged - lots of exceptions cos of racism, etc) in this part of the world I reckon it would be good for an Australian IMC network to also actively support and encourage IMCs in other countries in south east asia & the pacific regions.

Regional Asian IMCs

by andy 5:27pm Thu Oct 19 2000

I very much like your idea m'lis. I have been thinking lately that East Timor is one place where such an IMC could see some serious 'from-the-grassroots' perspective reporting. However, i dont see how to approach the 'deployment' of such a IMC. (For instance, I dont want to just show up out of the blue in Dili, East Timor, and say 'this is how you do things, this is the equipment you use, this is the software etc'. I would feel that would be a patronising Western attitude) I would be good to discuss this further. Perhaps, also some sort of outreach email to groups/people in areas that are we know may like the idea of plugging into a (at the moment) Western , 'particapatory' media network.

local groups

by andrew 9:06pm Thu Oct 19 2000

Perhaps local groups in, say, east timor, who could sustain an IMC already exist. And "privileged" IMCers just need to bridge the awareness or communication gap in some way, so that they know that they have the option and the support to undertake the task.


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