Note: some of this might change when we finish the system

Possible states of an article:
  • Normal

  • Featured - when an editor wants an item to appear in the feature column of the homepage

  • Closed (you do that inside the COREBlog) - equivalent to removal, but can be undone. Use this when you're flooded with minor harassements. Please avoid deleting items. It makes the system do funny things.

  • Hate (or "sin'a") category - item won't appear in homepage and the regular RSS and wap feeds. This is where we put even stuff like a paste or reference to an interesting article with a title "look how you islamofacists bla bla"

  • Hidden - No links to item, yet it is accessible (with a disclaimer - so that you know you might see something nasty e.g. Hitler stuff). Use this whenever there's a dispute whether a post is unethical/immoral/illegal/etc. we do want the page to be accessible (with a disclaimer) because these are exactly the cases where open publishing should stay open.

Nimrod: Soemtimes I find some right-wing article that isn't completely crap, change the usually abusive title to something informative (adding a remark "abusive title was changed because I wanted to feature the article") and feature the item. This seems to have the effect of having some more reasonable right-wing posts for a few days (fighting with them never really helps).
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