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Editorial Guidelines

Indymedia is a democratic newswire. We want to see and hear the real stories, news, and opinions from around the country. While we struggle to maintain the newswire as a completely open forum we do monitor it and remove posts.

In general, posts may be removed for any of the following reasons:

  • being comments, not news - comments belong with the story being discussed - to have your say in response to a story on the site, use the "add your comments" link at the bottom of each story.

  • duplicate posts - make sure you've read the newswire

  • infactual or obviously false posts - the onus is on the author to check and confirm facts - if a factual error is brought to our attention it will be removed

  • libelous or slanderous posts - choose your language carefully

  • discriminatory or abusive posts

  • advertising or other inappropriate content

We think stories contributed to this site should be free for non-profit re-use. Copy left is an idea central to indymedia (for more information, check out If you want to change that for your story, please give your conditions in the summary.

After stories have been published, they may be edited, linked or even deleted by the collective running this site.

-- HarisHidayatullah - 01 Mar 2005
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