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\x81\x99IMC Japan \x83C\x83\x93\x83f\x83B\x83\x81\x83f\x83B\x83A\x93\xFA\x96{\x81iIMCj)\x81\x99

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\x83`\x83\x89\x83V\x82Ȃ\xC7Flyers & Stickers

\x83\x8A\x83X\x83g(ML)\x81@List (One common list for coordination, editing, etc.)

\x96\xF0\x8A\x84\x95\xAA\x92S\x81Ewho does what

people wanted \x83\x81\x83\x93\x83o\x81[\x95\xE5\x8FW\x92\x86\x81B\x96₢\x8D\x87\x82킹\x83\x8A\x83X\x83g\x82܂\xC5!

\x8D\xA1\x8C\x8E\x82̃j\x83\x85\x81[\x83X\x83\x8F\x83C\x83\x84\x81[\x90\xA2\x98b\x90l/newswire moderating

  • \x93\xE0\x97p\x81^JOB: clean newswire according to editorial guidelines, translate remaining headings every 2 days, at least 2 hrs/week; if possible,invite submissions and features, get more translated, make features\x81B\x8FT\x82ɂQ\x8E\x9E\x8AԒ\xF6\x93x\x81A\x82Q\x93\xFA\x8AԂɈ\xEA\x89񂮂炢\x83`\x83F\x83b\x83N\x82\xB5\x81A\x83K\x83C\x83h\x83\x89\x83C\x83\x93\x82ɂ \x82\xED\x82Ȃ\xA2\x93\x8A\x8De\x89B\x82\xB7\x81E\x8F\xC1\x82\xB7\x81B\x8Ec\x82\xC1\x82Ă\xA2\x82铊\x8De\x82̌Ăяo\x82\xB5\x89p\x82\xF0\x81\x83\x81[\x81\x84\x98a\x96|\x96\xF3\x81B
  • \x90\xA2\x98b\x90l\x83{\x83\x89\x83\x93\x83e\x83B\x83A\x81u\x83X\x83^\x83b\x83t\x81vactive VOLUNTEERS\x81@(2005): jong, tomoko, peco, kz, g, paul; add 2006: hanako, Kimberly, Chris, maybe hiroko (based in UK)
  • 2006 SCHEDULE: Dec 05- paul, Jan 06- paul, Feb- kz, March-jong, April- g, May-peco, June- G; june- current: g & paul

--> \x88ȏ\xE3\x82͂Q\x82O\x82O\x82T\x94N\x82P\x82Q\x8C\x8E\x82Ɍ\x88\x92\xE8\x81B this system & schedule as per discussion Dec 2005. -- GggGgg - 06 Feb 2006

\x83l\x83b\x83g\x83\x8F\x81[\x83J\x81[ outreach

\x8BߋE\x83l\x83b\x83g\x83\x8F\x81[\x83L\x83\x93\x83O\x81Fin Kinki- Kz and G \x81\x9A\x8A֓\x8C\x83l\x83b\x83g\x83\x8F\x81[\x83L\x83\x93\x83O\x81Fin Tokyo- Kimberly

\x83e\x83b\x83N\x81@\x8BZ\x8Fp\x93I\x83T\x83|\x81[\x83g\x81i\x83T\x83C\x83g\x81A\x83T\x81[\x83o\x81[\x81A\x83v\x83\x8D\x83O\x83\x89\x83b\x83~\x83\x93\x83O\x81jwebsite tech

(-2006) Kaz, Peco, Paul (2007-) Site Renewal Team\x81^\x83\x8A\x83j\x83\x85\x81[\x83A\x83\x8B\x83e\x83N\x83`\x81[\x83\x80\x82Q\x82O\x82O\x82V\x94N kaz, boud, drill (?) ImcJapanTech

\x82\xB1\x82̃E\x83B\x83L\x82̊Ǘ\x9D\x81^wiki secretarial work

job: putting in main points from list discussions, editing document texts according to discussion, changing formatting etc. g, paul and jong (please!)

\x83O\x83\x8D\x81[\x83o\x83\x8B\x83l\x83b\x83g\x83\x8F\x81[\x83J\x81[global liaison

jong, boud, nate

\x96|\x96\xF3\x83`\x81[\x83\x80\x81Ftranslation team

Coordinator: ? justin, kimberly, keiko (2007-) maybes: akiko, hiroko, peco etc.

\x83I\x83\x93\x83\x89\x83C\x83\x93\x83f\x83B\x83X\x83J\x83b\x83V\x83\x87\x83\x93\x90\xA2\x98b\x90l\x81Fonline discussion facilitator

G (?)

\x83\x8D\x81[\x83J\x81[\x83\x8B\x83~\x81[\x83e\x83B\x83\x93\x83O\x92S\x93\x96\x81Flocal meeting organizers

\x93\x8C\x8B\x9ETokyo: paul, kimberly \x8BߋE Kinki: kz, g

\x81i\x83{\x83\x89\x83\x93\x83e\x83B\x83A\x81[\x83R\x81[\x83f\x83B\x83l\x81[\x83^\x81[\x81^volunteer coordinator\x81j

[\x95\xE5\x8FW\x92\x86] [WANTED]


\x83~\x81[\x83e\x83B\x83\x93\x83O Meetings

\x8Fڂ\xB5\x82\xAD\x82̓\x8A\x83X\x83g\x82\xD6 Check List for latest details.

Meeting Agendas and Notes (add!)

Tokyo 5.2005

Tokyo 6.2005

Kansai 9.2006

Participants: kz, g; observers: ms.yoshizawa, mr. kai (remo) issues: tech, jong's site design rejected, katakana logo ok, 'japonesia' idea

Tokyo 4. 10.2006

Participants: Paul, hanako, g issues: editorial process, intro to imc j history & social movements in jp(for hanako), katakana logo ok, japonesia idea rejected

Kansai 20.10.2006

Participants: kz, g; issues: tech, japonesia-->jp idea, katakana logo installed.

Tokyo 25.10.2006

\x93\x8C\x8B\x9E Tokyo 14.12.2006

( Read the Summary Here ) ( \x83~\x81[\x83e\x83B\x83\x93\x83O\x95\xF1\x8D\x90 )

\x93\x8C\x8B\x9E Tokyo 30.1.2007

( Read the Summary Here ) ( \x83~\x81[\x83e\x83B\x83\x93\x83O\x95\xF1\x8D\x90 )

\x97\xF0\x8EjHistory (add!)

IMC\x83l\x83b\x83g\x83\x8F\x81[\x83N\x82̗\xF0\x8EjHistory of IMC Network IMC

IMCj\x82̗\xF0\x8EjHistory of IMCj


To Do's


Site Renewal in time for G8 ImcJapanTech


- connecting to other alternative media, reposting their articles; reching out to other groups - working with G8MediaNetwork ; Sapporo Media Center Working Group (2008)

old newswire cleanup

remove spam, trolls (e,g, 'latuff' ) and senseless postings. first 5 pages (feb 2003) on the newswires have empty posts only.

Revise editing policy (2005-6)

facilitator- G ImcJPEditorialPolicy

\x8Bc\x98_\x82Ǝ\xE6\x82\xE8\x91g\x82݁^Issue & Debates

Japan vs Japonesia (9-10/2006)

proposal (at 9/2006 Kansai meeting, circulated on mailing list):

G: 'japan'/\x93\xFA\x96{ is the name of a nationstate, and the word covers over the hokkaido and okinawa colonialisation issues. We would suggest renaming ourselves indymedia jp (short for "Japonesia", which refers to a geographic area not a nation-state).

\x81h\x81h unlike the expression "Japan" which describes a political entity - a state - "Japonesia," originally a word coined by novelist Shimao Toshio, points to the actually existing society consisting of people of different origins and cultures residing in this chain of islands. It represents our rejection of the notion of a monolithic and exclusive Japan.\x81h\x81h\x81@\x81i\x81j

\x83W\x83\x83\x83p\x83\x93\x81^\x81u\x93\xFA\x96{\x81v\x82Ƃ́A\x8D\x91\x89Ƃ̖\xBC\x91O\x82ŁA\x90A\x96\xAF\x92n\x89\xBB\x82\xB3\x82ꂽ\x89\xAB\x93\xEA\x81A\x96k\x8AC\x93\xB9\x82Ȃǂ̗\xF0\x8Ej\x82͂\xBB\x82̌\xBE\x97t\x82ɂ\xE6\x82\xC1\x82ĉB\x82\xEA\x82ĂĂ\xA2\x82\xE9\x81B\x81u\x93\xFA\x96{\x81v\x82\xE6\x82\xE8\x97ǂ\xA2\x8C\xBE\x97t\x82Ƃ\xB5\x82āA\x81u\x83W\x83\x83\x83|\x83l\x83W\x83A\x81v\x82Ƃ\xA2\x82\xA4\x81A\x92n\x97\x9D\x8Aw\x93I\x82Ȃ\xB1\x82Ƃ΂\xAA\x82 \x82\xE9\x82̂ŁA\x83C\x83\x93\x83f\x83B\x83\x81\x83f\x83B\x83AJP\x81@\x81i\x81\x81\x83W\x83\x83\x83|\x83l\x83W\x83A\x81j\x82Ƃ\xA2\x82\xA4\x96\xBC\x91O\x82̕\xFB\x82\xAA\x82\xA2\x82\xA2\x82̂ł͂Ȃ\xA2\x82\xA9\x81H

rejection of 'japonesia'

by paul & hiroko at kanto 4/10/06 meeting on the grounds that it is actually exclusionist and may turn away people who don't share a certain political position. (details, see paul's postings to list, Oct.16 & 20, 2006)

suggesting neutral & simple 'jp'

by g & Kz at kansai 20/10/06 meeting.

2003:debate around setup time. no consensus on 'localized' version, adopted global black and white i logo.

2004: no conclusion was reached and old design was kept.

2006: black and white katakana logo accepted in kansai and oct kanto meetings, installed by kz oct 23/06.

\x83}\x83X\x83R\x83~\x82̃j\x83\x85\x81[\x83X\x95񓹂̖\xE2\x91萫Problems of Jp mainstream news

_\x83}\x83X\x83R\x83~\x82̃j\x83\x85\x81[\x83X\x95񓹂Ƃ\xB1\x82ƂȂ\xE9\x81A\x81u\x82\xE0\x82\xA4\x88\xEA\x82‚̃\x81\x83f\x83B\x83A\x81v\x82\xF0\x82‚\xAD\x82낤\x81B\x82Ȃ̂ŁA\x88ȉ\xBA\x82́A\x83}\x83X\x83R\x83~\x82̓\xC1\x92\xA5\x81E\x96\xE2\x91\xE8\x82\xF0\x8DĐ\xB6\x8EY\x82\xB5\x82Ȃ\xA2\x82悤\x82ɕt\x82\xAF\x82܂\xB5\x82傤\x81BTake care not to unconsciously reproduce mainstream news media in the following points: \x82\xBB\x82̓\xE0\x97econtent:_
  • \x8F\x97\x90\xAB\x82̕s\x91\xB6\x8D\xDDunderrepresenting women (less than ...% in mainstream news items)
  • \x83X\x83e\x83\x8C\x83I\x83^\x83C\x83vstereotyping (gender, nationality, housing status, age etc.)
  • \x88\xEA\x94ʎs\x96\xAF\x82ƎЉ\xEF\x89^\x82𖳎\x8B\x81A \x97͎҂ɏœ_focus on the rich, famous and/or policitally powerfull, ignoring social movements and citizens viewpoints
  • _\x83i\x83V\x83\x87\x83i\x83\x8A\x83Y\x83\x80\x81A\x93\xFA\x96{\x92\x86\x90S\x81A\x8AO\x8D\x91\x82́i\x89\xF0\x82\xAD\x82ɃA\x83W\x83A\x82́j\x83j\x83\x85\x81[\x83X\x82̕s\x91\xB6\x8D\xDDnationalist; little international news, insular worldview
  • \x95\xB6\x96\xAC\x82Ɣw\x8Ci\x82̏\xAD\x82Ȃ\xB3little commentary and context, nothing of long-term knowledge value
  • \x8B\xB0\x95|\x82̕\xB6\x89\xBBculture of fear: overrepresentation of sensational, shocking and unusual 'occurences'
  • \x93\x8C\x8B\x9E\x92\x86\x90S\x81A\x93s\x89\x90STokyo-centric, urban
  • \x90l\x8AԒ\x86\x90S\x81A\x91\xBC\x82̐\xB6\x82\xAB\x95\xA8\x82͖\xB3\x8E\x8Banthropocentric (ignoring animal and natural environments importance)
  • _\x8Eh\x8C\x83\x92\x86\x93\xC5obsession with 'newness'/sensational events etc.
  • \x81u\x83j\x83\x85\x81[\x83X\x89\xBF\x92l\x81v\x81@to question: commercial journalism's 'news values': 'timeliness', newness ('the scoop'), proximity, connection to other news, shock value_

\x82\xBB\x82̐\xB6\x8EY\x83V\x83X\x83e\x83\x80 Let's not imitate mainstream organization and technology: G notes: this part the IMC system is generally good about, except for division of labor
  • \x95\xB6\x89\xBB\x81E\x83R\x83~\x83\x85\x83j\x83P\x81[\x83V\x83\x87\x83\x93\x81E\x8F\xEE\x95\xF1\x82́@\x8F\xC1\x94\xEF\x82̂\xBD\x82߂̏\xA4\x95iculture, communication, information as goods_
  • \x83I\x81[\x83f\x83B\x83G\x83\x93\x83X\x82͐l\x8AԂł͂Ȃ\xAD\x81A\x8F\xC1\x94\xEF\x8E҂܂\xBD\x82́u\x8D\x91\x96\xAF\x81v\x81@view of audiences as consumer\x81@or national citizen
  • hierarchy, centralization(what precisely that means - Jong please explain)
  • division of labor along age, class and gender lines
  • lack of transparency of editorial process
  • separation of audiences and producers
  • special rights for journalists
  • lack of respect for privacy

\x93\xFA\x96{\x82\xC9 \x82\xE9IMC\x82̓\xC1\x92\xA5\x82Ɖۑ\xE8\x81@ Local Situation/Challenges

  • bilingual website and editorial group (more below)
  • subcultural mini-ghetto: Politically engaged people are a minority everywhere, and IMCs everywhere have a problem with being ghettoized. But the cultural position of the current core IMCj group makes it a mini-minority: English speakers in Japan: 'Gaijin' English speakers and Japanese native speakers with high English skills (often with living abroad experience, interest in foreign social movements) are a cultural minority group. This subcultural mini-group can have a catalyst and networker function for the local social movement culture and the larger mainstream culture. a danger is getting confined in a tiny 'progressive transnational people' ghetto.
  • involving low-net literate people (slow lifers and simple life people, homeless, older peace movement, ...)
  • splintered, underground, poorly connected social movements, small 'anti-globalization' movement in Jp
  • consumer culture that does not encourage self-expression and critical thinking
  • (culturally) a strong need for anonymity and privacy
  • culturally strong belief in 'reliability' of mainstream news
  • general lack dialogue and discussion skills (low media literacy, one org that tries to address this:

\x94R\x82\xA6\x90s\x82\xAB lack of time, overworking & burnout

*Paul 6/27/2005: the reason why it is hard to do (i.e. keep the discussion bilingual) is people are just too busy. When people are too busy they burn out. This can be worse in the movement than in business as somehow we expect we are supposed to all be dedicated 24 hours a day and have no lives outside activism. Many of us are wearing more than one activist hat. When we do so, we begin to feel our efforts are not appreciated or resentful of others who seem to do less than they could. We need to build an atmosphere of encouragement and tolerance or we will lose many volunteers, as we have since we started 3 years ago. GggGgg - 30 Jun 2005 aggrees and suggests drafting suggestions to prevent burnout * \x94R\x82\xA6\x90s\x82\xAB\x91΍\xF4\x81i\x82P\x81jburnout strategy 1:dividing responsibilities * \x94R\x82\xA6\x90s\x82\xAB\x91΍\xF4\x81i\x82Q\x81jburnout strategy 2 (put something here) * \x94R\x82\xA6\x90s\x82\xAB\x91΍\xF4\x81i\x82R\x81jburnout strategy 3: recognition and mutual pats on the back for team members

\x8C\xBE\x8C\xEA Language

(core text by GggGgg - 22 Jun 2005) \x8A\xEE\x96{\x93I\x82ɁA\x83\x8A\x83X\x83g\x82\xC6HP\x82̓o\x83C\x83\x8A\x83\x93\x83K\x83\x8B\x82\xC5 \x82\xE9\x81B\x82\xB5\x82\xA9\x82\xB5\x81A \x8C䗗\x82̂悤\x82ɁA\x8C\xBB\x8E\xC0\x82ɂ́A\x8E\x9E\x8AԂƌ\xBE\x8C\xEA\x97͂͌\xC0\x92肳\x82\xEA\x82Ă\xA2\x82\xE9\x82̂ŁA\x82Ȃ\xA9\x82Ȃ\xA9\x82ނ\xB8\x82\xA9\x82\xB5\x82\xA2\x81`

Basically bilingual: Japanese and English. However, time and skills make it difficult. Default language for editorial and technical matters seems to be English. This leads to a vicious circle of Japanese-mostly speakers feeling unable to participate.

The challenge now is to connect across the J-E barrier, but ideally we would also connect with other language minorities in Japan (e.g. Korean, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, etc.) and non-English speakers in Asia (esp. Korea, Taiwan, China). But at this point we'd better admit we cannot do it now.

* Paul thinks 6/27/2005* that we may not have that great a problem if outreach brings us into contact with these other langauge minorities and if so, we should be prepared to include them.....But agree we cannot expect it to happen so easily. If the system allows for other language posts, then we need not exclude them. THE QUESTION IS whether it DOES? *GggGgg - 30 Jun 2005: you mean the tech system excludes them?


* In editorial/core group: Current (6.2005) core group consists mostly of bilingual people (Japanese speakers of English, English native (or native level) speakers of Japanese, and other speakers of English and/or Japanese). There are no Japanese-only speakers in the editorial group, but some no-Japanese and low-Japanese speakers. But even for bilingual people language barriers persist. * General list and site: Many (maybe most?) readers of site and read-only members of list read little or no English. Language barriers presist on the list and site (including interfaces and documents).

\x8C\xBE\x8C\xEA\x82̕ǂ\xF0\x8F\xE6\x82\xE8\x89z\x82\xA6\x82邽\x82߂\xC9 Ways to address language barriers

on list and in meetings Looking for more creative and cheap ways to solve it. Advice welcome. \x8E\xE8\x92T\x82\xE8\x82ł\xB7\x81B\x82\xA2\x82\xA2\x92\xF1\x88Ă\xAA \x82\xEA\x82΁A\x82\xBA\x82ЁA\x98A\x97\x8D\x82\xF0\x82\xAD\x82\xBE\x82\xB3\x82\xA2\x81`

\x93\xAE\x97͂Ƌ\xA6\x97\xCD Effort&cooperation

Those who have time and skills try to communicate multi-lingually, interpret, translate, summarize, aid. (Works well in meetings, difficult online.)

\x83\x8A\x83X\x83g\x82̎g\x82\xA2\x95\xFB\x82̃K\x83C\x83h\x83\x89\x83C\x83\x93Guidelines for posting on list

\x82ł\xAB\x82邾\x82\xAF\x81F\x92Z\x82\xAD\x81A\x95\xAA\x82\xA9\x82\xE8\x82₷\x82\xAD\x81A\x83o\x83\x8A\x83\x93\x83K\x83\x8B\x81@\x82Ƀ\x81\x83b\x83Z\x81[\x83W\x82\xF0\x8F\x91\x82\xAD\x82\xB1\x82ƁB Keep it short, clear, bilingual. (Rarely kept because of limited time and burnout.)

\x83l\x83b\x83g\x8F\xE3\x82̖|\x96\xF3\x83c\x81[\x83\x8B\x81@Electronic Translation Tools

* \x8E\xAB\x8F\x91\x81@Dictionary: * \x96|\x96\xF3\x83G\x83\x93\x83W\x83\x93Machine Translation: For English-Japanese this does not work well, esp. for long and complicated text. Works well for Korean-Japanese Keep the sentence simple, use unamibiguous words; if you have some language knowledge try to read the translation if you can. * Free translation software. (please add URLs) Paul notes: it does not work well always. * \x83T\x83C\x83g\x82̂\xBD\x82߂̾\x8C\xEA\x83c\x81[\x83\x8BSite technical tools *'Translate this' button (currently not working, also needs people actually using it) * URL machine translation service (not yet installed) * make easier to use bilingually * explain open publishing system better * (maybe) rethink menu items


Get more Japanese speaking people involved!

\x96|\x96\xF3\x83{\x83\x89\x83\x93\x83e\x83B\x83AVolunteer translators

We have a (hopelessly understaffed and overworked translation team). Should consider getting funding and/or outreach to recruit more translators. Suggest putting a call on the top page, also consider recruiting students from Eikaiwa schools.

Paul thinks 6/27/2005 that recruiting people who are not themselves activsits is not so good as getting activists. GggGgg - 30 Jun 2005 thinks that the most important thing making people activists! Otherwise, how is the movement going to grow? inviting people with a vague interest in doing something and a big interest in putting their skills to good use is better than heaping more work on "hyper=activists".

linking translations

Paul thinks 6/27/2005 Also, some good stuff out there is ALEREADY translated. Ken Masoka, already on this list, has a whole website of translations linking to the original. We could take the iniatiave to use OTHERPRESS to link to both the original and translations,and we can use FEATURES when we will there is a particular relationship to ASIA/JAPAN (in Ken's case, one of his sections is on EAST TIMOR, so there is automatically a connection!)

\x82\xA8\x8B\xE0\x83\x84\x81` Money?!

\x82\xA8\x8B\xE0\x82\xAA \x82\xEA\x82΁A\x82\xB1\x82\xEA\x82ɂ‚\xA9\x82\xA2\x82\xBD\x82\xA2\x81`\x81IIf we had money, we should use it for this!

\x83W\x83F\x83\x93\x83_\x81[\x81A\x95\xB6\x89\xBB\x93I\x94w\x8Ci\x81A \x97́@Gender, Culture & Power

case: severe critique of IMCj

-- GggGgg - 22 Aug 2005 Found this posting on the Antipariarchy list.

the poster claims that IMCj was/is - tokyocentric - insensitive to Okinawan issues/colonialisation - editors hogged passwords, editorial process and membership not transparent, outreach poor - net-only focus - only online contributions were valued - core group unresponsive and gave a sense of being closed and non-participatory

solutions and issues discussed for possible okinawa imc included having a physical center, consider childcare at meetings, use media other than web (print, radio, video), create a safe space and discuss issues, put time into outreach and training.

Does anyone have comments?

general situation re gender

-- GggGgg - 22 Aug 2005 current active core group: 6 people- 3 japanese, 3 non-japanese (1 from US, 1 philippines, 1 Europe); 3 male, 3 female, 2 kansai based, 4 tokyo based, 4 in their 20s, 1 30s, 1 above division of labor is not clear as everyone does everything, but female members tend to do more translation and secretarial work (though some tech), everyone is heavily involved in other social movement and media work,not enough time for IMC

-- G 25 June 2005 IMCs are officially committed to discrimation-free and democratic communication. But the world's inequality does not stop at the doors of IMCs. Consistent self-critique and pro-active measures to promote equality are the only hope.

Paul thinks 6/27/2005 this is true. If we experience it we should deal with it. But i do not know how much this actually affects us. What do you think?

Compared to other IMCs, we have a pretty good gender and ethnic balance. But have to keep on the watch out for division of labor along gender lines, who remains silent and why, who hogs too much space, who gets/takes credit for what...

Paul thinks 6/27/2005 well, I could be accused of hoggong space sinec Ia m writing and few others are. But so could G. So is this a problem? If so, is it because I am a male? Or a non Japanese? I don't know. There are many factors at play, but I am not sure there is a particular gender-national issue at play. Jong or someone tought there was a particular imperialims of foreigners here, but I do not think this is the case. We can jump to all sorts of conclusions based on our owrking ideologies, experiences in other countries, expectations, but we often may turn out to be misunderstanding what is happening or not happening and we may end up imposing things that drive contributors away.

(Not sure, but we may)

special note: Tech arrogance is also a gender issue.

Paul thinks 6/27/2005 this is not true in our case. It is a worldwide phenomenon that men are expected to be more analytical and woemn are tracked into "soft" skill jobs, and sure that can affect us here too. But Peco considers herself a tech person, whereas i do not, though for some reason, because I know a little more than someone esle, I have ended up doing some tech work. I think we DO NEED to encourage women to do this tech work, but I do not think we have any males going off and assuming the tech stuff is their domain. I am an example. I am a technophobe, I have a hard time with learning new tech things and prefer to use a pencil to a typewriter. But I force myself. Again, do not think we should make a problem if it does not exist, but agree we should be on the lookout for any behavious which is based on traditional hierarchies.

-- GggGgg - 22 Aug 2005 replies- when I reformed this wiki, i expected to have this work valued, but got a response like 'wikis are sooo easy' and treated like I was dumb for not doing it earlier. i got a sense that that is part of the tech arrogance pattern that's pretty common at IMCs, which is clearly connected to gender and age discrimination (one person defended me a little bit saying they did not think it was that easy.)

Documents Workspace (Upgrade Phase 2005.6\x81`)

Existing Documents HELP!\x93\xFA\x96{\x8C\xEA\x94ł͂ǂ\xB1\x82\xC9 \x82\xE9\x82́HI cannot find the Japanese versions of most of these!!

Documents Works-in-progress


\x8F\x89\x8A\xFA\x82̃A\x81[\x83J\x83C\x83u\x81@ Early IMCj Archive 2002.9\x81`\x81@\x81@

-- PaulArenson - 10 Nov 2002

IMC日本 - IMC 東京? - IMC 京都? (IMC Japan - IMC Tokyo? - IMC Kyoto?)

NewImc の文書の日本誤訳

(translations of NewImc documents)

メーリングリスト ー UTF-7の文字コード (mailing lists - UTF-7 as safe coding)

ImcJapanWhosWho ( read intros from people working on this project )

some other documents

文字コード (unicode) and EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, SHIFT-JIS, and kanji/kana

(Some hints on unicode, how to learn, write and cut'n'paste kanji)

自由な算譜(フリーソフト) (free software)

GNU 日本語に:

-- JongPerez - 25 Jun 2005 (uploaded the meeting minutes)

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