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IMCJapan Tech Team\x81@\x83C\x83\x93\x83f\x83B\x83\x81\x83f\x83B\x83Ajp\x81E\x83e\x83b\x83N\x81E\x83`\x81[\x83\x80

Tech team of IMCjapan , re-est. 2007/2008


  • -- NateJarvis - 11 Feb 2007: moderator
  • - paul
  • - G (non-techie)
  • - nate
  • - BouD - 27 Apr 2008 : SYSADMIN
  • - chris (non-techie)
  • - kaz: SYSADMIN (soon)
  • - MErkat (non-techie)

present software

To Do's\x81^\x8Ed\x8E\x96



  1. (by end of June) Japanese interface fixed [kz]
  2. DONE multi_publish patch 0.5 (by end of June) Simple mode publishing which ignores text due to publishing a non-text file is USER UNFRIENDLY and should rather urgently be made user-friendly. --- > Boud [kz has no time]
    1. Please test this. Is it OK?
  3. (July 1- 15) Test during g8 peak: turn off posting function on current site, have everyone post to new site (link) [kz]


  1. feedback to correct/update/redo japanese text strings in ja.po file --> kz, G
  2. create yourself an account and if you have the consensus of the imc japan collective, then ask a sysadmin to make you into a moderator
  3. add japanese translation of how to add a translation --> paul, G, merkat, peco?
    1. probably not so urgent, since the translation button is done
  4. info library and external links:
    1. put Jp translations of new English info library on old site (G)
    2. edit english (as moderator) (G)
    3. add japanese equivalent as reply, then see for making this into a translation
    4. copy the different info articles ("new to imcjp", "editorial policy", etc.) as new articles on, update them, and add japanese translations
  5. edit/add focus topics (based on 'categories' on old site ?)

URGENT but not critical


  1. change appearance: default to sky (?), change banner to current site's stencil top [kz]
  2. modify frontpage_controller.rb so that an "other press" theme is presented separately from "non-other press" on the front page (should not be difficult to do) probably should first do update to
  3. DONE TRANSLATION button add_translation button 0.1 a button which says 'add translation' but in reality its technical function is exactly identical to 'reply', unless the user has logged in. If the user has logged in, then "relating" the reply to the "Translation focus" (step 5 of will be done automatically.
    1. Please test this. Is it OK?
  4. English in interface is often too technical, hard to understand, e.g. 'focus' should be replaced with 'hot topic'. Or better? 'top focuses' to 'hot topics' just on the front page? Check on feasability of this with samizdat developing collective.
  5. dump database from dada and import articles, maybe also comments, to samizdat
    1. At least import one article for each category and link it to the category so that it appears in the list of focuses. Better would be to do it for all the articles - shouldn't be difficult, in principle.
  6. "Put this in the calendar" should not be given when showing the calendar focus itself, since it's confusing and unnecessary!
  7. What I Would like to see is ADD another calendar item (essentially the same PUBLISH option, but still showing up when one clicks on CALENDAR). Why? Because one would normally think to go to a calendar to add something. Actually, that's a good point - something like the TRANSLATE BUTTON, so that someone can do publish, preview, confirm, and then after s/he clicks confirm, s/he is put immediately to the calendar_add function. Probably something like ADD ITEM TO CALENDAR ?


IMPORTANT but not urgent

  1. tech update to latest samizdat snapshot + updated patches
  2. tech in-depth backup testing/planning
  3. check the effectiveness of the existing antispam mechanism and keep this updated based on real spam experience. Possibly a CAPTCHA but this should be discussed on what works in the short term, what is likely to work in the long term, and what least disrupts users.
  4. alternative algorithm for deciding on features, so that it's not so easy.


What we want the site to be able to do 新しいサイトにはこの機能を期待しています〜

  • tech - REQUEST TRANSLATION button Each article should have a 'request translation' button that sends a request to this ML (for now, in future should have a translation team to which it will be sent. g8medianet has such a system.)
    • That should be relatively straightforward. Since non-subscribers' email is held on imc-japan, spam would not necessarily be a problem.

  • tech Add en.po or change message_controller.rb and all .po files: "Editing is open for all members" becomes "Allow editing by all logged-in users (members)" . WAITING CONFIRMATION from discussion list if that's OK.

  • tech check that sms2samizdat function is working for the simplest sort of sms'es. Possibly try extending this for text messages known to cause bugs and then mms'es (photos/videos).

developer work

If one of these bugs seems sufficiently important, then please shift it up higher in the TODO lists!

discussion of which patches to enable/disable

Warning: these features are "patches". This means they are rough hacks and your feedback is needed to accurately report bugs so that they can be fixed.

THIS SECTION NEEDS TO BE UPDATED/CLARIFIED - IGNORE it for the moment unless you're happy with tech stuff -- BouD - 07 May 2008


  • DONE ja.po file (version 1.1 = 03.06.2007) -

  • DONE (for front page) monolanguage patch - optionally can see frontpage in only 1 language (untranslated articles are ignored)

other stuff

more on samizdat


Local imc's using samizdat : - - - (still getting organised through new-imc process)

Demonstration test site - (rather old version of samizdat 0.6.0)

-- GkkGkk - 11 Jan 2007
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