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Editorial charter


Editorial charter of the IMC-Lille collective was adopted in the consensus.


The publication of articles follows the principles of open publication: every individual can publish a text which will be immediately placed on the site.


The process of validation of articles is the following one: once sent, the contribution is at first placed in an accessible waiting zone, until a member of the IMC-Lille collective examines it. If the article is validated, it is immediately published in the "News" zone.


Articles including xenophobic elements, homophobic, racist, sexist or revisionist, data under copyright, spam or without relation with the object of the IMC-Lille collective will not be validated and will be stored with a comment in the "dungeon". This Dungeon will remain accesible.

-- KevinPolez - 11 Dec 2002
Topic revision: r1 - 11 Dec 2002, KevinPolez
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