IMC Mayday Response to IMC Bristol 6th May 2011

The original draft of this statement was posted to imc-mayday-collective, it is a response to the email from IMC Bristol to the global imc-process list. It was sent to the imc-communication list on 6th May 2011.

Re: [IMC-Process] [EN] [ES] the hijacking of indymedia UK


We believe that Bristol has offered an inaccurate account.

Bristol states:

A faction within UK Indymedia, Mayday, composing of individuals who are not members of any full IMC, and who currently have a new-imc application which has been blocked, have taken control of the DNS for the domain of, pointed it to a new server and deleted the access of all non-Mayday volunteers from the system.

This includes expelling the access of volunteers from accredited imcs including Bristol, Northern England, London and Nottingham [1] along with individuals not associated with any collective and members of Oxford Imc, a group currently going through the new-imc process.[2]

However, what the Mayday Collective have is a copy of the original site.

The original version of the site has publishing available at and admin access available at .

We are not aware that any access has been 'deleted' on that server either at a ssh level or a http level. As far as we understand it, that site remains fully functional with all users who had access still able to access that site albeit on a different sub-domain.

It is true that access for people who are not in the Mayday Collective has been disabled on the Mayday version of the site currently located at, which it is running on totally seperate servers. (a). Members of the Mayday collective do not have access to admin on the BeTheMedia site which Bristol is involved in, and neither do they seek access. It is consistent with the terms of the fork that people from each group only have access to their own group's site.

Oxford admins do now have access to the Mayday Collective's version of the site.

The members of the Mayday Collective have been members the Indymedia UK Network for years. IMC UK never went through process as it was one of the earliest projects but has always been recognised as a full IMC.

We hope this clarifies matters

The Mayday Collective

(a) See
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