An indymedia fairy tale

Once upon a time...

There was a princess in the house of Indymedia, Princess UK. She lived in a big palace. She had wonderful apartment rooms and wore beautiful dresses. Many saw her as the shining star of the house of Indymedia and many still came to visit her. Now the house of indymedia is very progressive: no arranged marriages, no beheading - it is all by consent. She had been wooed into the family 9 years ago and since then much had happened - much good. The influence of the house of Indymedia had spread all over the world, with new princesses from around the globe welcomed into the family as it grew strong, sharing its riches with all.

But recently, back at Princess UK's palace, times had not been so good. Princess London had moved into her own room. It was Princess London who had wooed Princess UK 8 years ago when she was also Princess UK, but now many visitors came more to see Princess UK even though her apartments had not kept up with the times. This made Princess London sulk. She wanted those visitors for herself. That was not Princess UK's fault - the other princesses in the place would not agree to her ideas for change. They had their own grand plans. Now despite visitors coming to visit Princess UK attracted to her wonderful apartments, Princess London and the other princesses thought of her apartments as their own and they wished to replace them with a reception hall.

The situation made every Princess sad, especially Princess UK who did not want to leave her beautiful home. She still wanted to be part of the house of Indymedia as it afforded her many protections. Resolution seemed at hand when it was decided that Princess UK would become Princess May. She could no longer keep her UK apartments but she could move everything in them to her new May Palace. She would not longer have Princess London and the other princesses in the UK household interfering in her life. It would take a bit of effort to move, but would be worth it. However, for Princess UK to become Princess May she needed to be admitted in to the house of Indymedia. 'But she is already Princess UK of the house of Indymedia!' you may cry. Alas, it was not so simple.

Since she had originally joined, the house of Indymedia had grown and it was now the case that all the other nobles of Indymedia palaces around the world would have to say if Princess UK could still be a princess. She did not think this would be a problem when she agreed to leave Princess London and her apartments at the UK palace for the new May Palace. She was led to believe that it would be a formality for others around the world to see she was a princess. 'Yes, of course we'll made sure you get your new palace,' they all soothed.

But their promises turned to accusations and threats. She was accused of spying on her guests, which went against the sprit of the house of Indymedia. It did not matter that she protested that these guests only came to her apartments to harm her other guests. As time went on, her May wedding day approached. It should have been a grand occasion as she entered her new palace. Instead, fearful of what might happen without protection of the house of Indymedia, she decided to stay in the UK palace, but the other princesses were intent on her leaving, and they started to chuck her things out. The many visitors she received were confused and distressed.

As Princess UK was being forced to her new home and in the process being stripped of her crown, Princess London and all the other princesses said: 'We don't force anyone to do anything: you agreed to this.'

Princess UK cried in distress: 'This is not what was promised! I no longer consent to this!'

to be continued....

-- GennyVg - 01 May 2011

refactored based on feedback (to be continued ?)

-- MicahBunny - 09 May 2011

Further corrections after refactoring

-- MicahBunny - 17 May 2011

yet more corrections after refactor; & will we see a happy ending..

-- MicahBunny - 28 May 2011
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