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ImcNantesPrinciples of Unit

1. The network of the center of media ind\xE9pendant(IMCN) is based on principles of equality, decentralization and local autonomy. The IMCN is not derived from a centralized bureaucratic process but from an car-organization of autonomous collectives which admit the importance to develop a union of networks.

IMC Nantes respects this principle. It believes moreover in the need for an active participation of each one.

2.Tous the IMC regard the open exchange of information and the access open to information as a condition necessary to the construction of a company freer and right.

IMC Nantes respects this principle.

3.Tous the IMC respect the right of the activists who choose not to be photographed or filmed

IMC Nantes respects this principle.

4. All IMC the, founded ones on the confidence of their collaborator and their reader, will use a publication opened, on the Web, giving opportunity to individual, the groups and the organizations to express their points of view, anonymously if they wish it.

The charter of IMC Nantes guarantees this principle and explains its free and open operation.

5. The network IMC and all the collectives of the IMC buildings will be not-lucrative.

IMC Nantes respects this principle.

6. All the IMC recognize the importance of the project of social change and are engaged with the development of nonhierarchical and nonauthoritative relations, as well in the interpersonal relations in the dynamic ones of the groups. Consequently, the IMC will be organized collectively and will be engaged with the principle of the decision-making per democratic, participative and direct consensus which is transparent towards its members.

IMC Nantes respects this principle. By the free access to all these internal documents and by its mode operation IMC Nantes is a horizontal and transparent collective.

7. All the IMC recognize that a prerequisite to the participation in the process of decision-making in each local group starts from an individual contribution to the group.

IMC Nantes respects this principle. The charter explains what is an Actor of the collective.

8.Tous the IMC will be engaged to deal with the ones and others and our respective communities at the same time collectively and individually, and will promote the resource sharing including knowledge, know-how and the equipment.

IMC Nantes respects this principle.

9.Tous the IMC will be committed with employment of free code of source, when that is possible, to develop the digital infrastructure and increasing the independence of the network while not depending on the software of trade marks.

IMC Nantes respects this principle. It is even a condition of existence.

10.Tous the IMC will engage with the principle of equality of the men and will not make discriminations with regard to the race, of the kind, the age, the social class or the sexual orientation. Recognizing the vast cultural traditions with l?interior of the network, we are engaged to develop the exchanges of cultures and know-how.

IMC Nantes respects this principle.

Criteria of adhesion:

Each CMI and total working group must:

a. To agree with the Statement of Mission of the NIMC and with the ImcNantesPrinciples of Unit,

It is the case of IMC Nantes which takes again the Statement of Mission of the NIMC and guarantees the ImcNantesPrinciples of Unity in its charter

b. To count on sufficient members to ensure the functionality of one CMI,

IMC Nantes is made up of a core of ten people and of ten other people in a less regular way. The charter insists moreover on this point to be able to guarantee moderation in particular.

c. To hold open and public meetings (no CMI can be controlled exclusively by only one group),

It is the case for Imc Nantes which organizes open and public Meetings regularly.

d. To work on the development of a local version of a Statement of Mission or a Statement of Goal the Statement of Mission of the Network can be used in the interim.

We are in agreement with the Statement of Mission of the Network. One can find this Statement of the objectives of our collective under: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/NantesCharteVersion1T , objectives of Indymedia Nantes

e. To establish and publish a leading policy which is developed and which functions starting from a democratic and transparent process.

IMC Nantes functions on this model as it is described in its charter, Look (auto)gestion of the leading line.

f. To publish according to criteria's of "Open Publishing" (free publication) as described in the leading policy of the NIMC [ comment of the leading collective: "We agree that the term" Open Publishing "is one which is still to be defined by the Collective of the Total Network, and we will await this decision before rewriting this criterion." ]

IMC Nantes supports Open Publishing and functions on this principle.

g. To use the consensus -- processes opened, transparent, and levelling, to make decisions,

IMC Nantes makes its decisions thus.

h. To have un(e) or several spokesman able to take part in the total process of decisions and with the meetings as a repr\xE9sentant(e), and which includes/understands well the responsibilities which come with this role,

IMC Nantes will take an active part in the life of the network and will be represented.

i. To take part in the Methods of Discussion of Network CMI which relate to the health and the vitality of the Network and which contribute to the work of the CMI. to make sure that there is at least a person from your CMI which takes part on the list IMC-Communications (Communications-CMI) in any time,

The collective is registered and will take an active part.

j. (NOT FIXED YET): To have any official affiliation with a political party, state or electoral candidate (comments: but the various producers have freedom to do what elles/ils wants and the CMI buildings can write texts in connection with political parties and initiatives political),

IMC Nantes is autonomous and independent.

k. The CMI should not engage in trade undertakings with profit. [ We could add: The NIMC is made with the decommercialisation of information and will be disassociated from the CMI buildings which decide to become media companies with profit. ]

IMC Nantes supports these ideas.

l. To post a "local version" of the logo ' i' of the CMI on your site and your literature.

It is the case on the site IMC Nantes.

m. Inclure the current list of the cities of network CMI on your site, preferably on the first page of the site.

It will be the case on the site IMC Nantes



1. Adhesion with the Network is opened with any group which accepts the criteria of adhesion above. If there would be several requests coming from the same city or area, will encourage them to us to meet and work together.

2. Adhesion with the Network of the NIMC will be confirmed by the Working group for New the CMI (New IMC Working Group) which is responsible in front of IMC-Process (Process-CMI) and finally with the process of decision-making for the NIMC.


For more clearness and of precision here definitions of the terms used in the context of the culture of the CMI:

\xB7 NIMC: Network of the Independent Centers of Media or "Network of Independent Centers Media" in English.

\xB7 Open: Wants to say that people of various groups are welcome and that no attempt is made to exclude from people because of their race, kind, class, age, capacities physical, or religion.

\xB7 official Affiliation: Not yet definite (Obtaining the DNS?

\xB7 Methods of Discussion of Network CMI: International lists mail, discussions on IRC and their reports, phone calls and meetings face-to-face discussion.

\xB7 local Version: Notes that there will be variations on the level of the name and logo of the CMI because of the culture and the language of the IMC room.

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