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General Meetings:

Upcoming Meetings:

Please list times you're available. Be anonymous if you want, as long as it's apparent eveyone can meet on same day.

  • Indypendent Newspaper Meetings: N/A

  • Outreach/Orientation Meetings: N/A

  • Video Collective Meetings: See list archives for details.

  • Video TV Show Meetings: See list archives for details.


Current working computers:
  • 1x OS9 iMac
  • 1x OSX powerpc w/SGI montior
  • 1x debian pc w/USB eth0, needs better nic or driver(?)
  • working macs/pc's in backroom?
  • Current stocked hardware:
  • 4x 17-19" monitors
  • how many other monitors?
  • fridge.indy server
  • ethernet cabling
  • Hardware Goals:
  • 6x working machines w/wi-fi, linux box router
  • long-term
  • 20x machines, w/old hardware as terminals, and new hardware as workstations?
  • establish standardized install distros: debian and OSX
  • secure network further
  • increase dsl speed?
  • Hardware offered:
  • 1x pentium 2 dell complete w/monitor
  • 1x 350MHz amd 1G RAM(?) complete w/monitor
  • Website

    Please review and add ideas for the website on this page: ImcNewYorkWebsite. We can put together a laundry list of ideas and brainstorms, and then organize and vet.

    The New York website moved to Mir in summer 2005

    Email Listservs

    Following are active NYC-IMC listservs:


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