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Indymedia Norway is a collective of free individuals working for the common good etc.

The Norwegian text about us is availible on our webpage.

For local news go to Indymedia Norway

IMC Norway user-info:

Meeting notes (To come!)


Add more topics here!

IMC Norway TECH-info:

The NOImc tech collective is helping/running/maintaining these services.

( Copyleft in Norway is hosting most of our local services, THANKS! )

* Open publish web server.

* Mailinglists, both local and global.

* Mailforwards under the name (Get and be c00l, like us smile

* Constant agony, provided FREE of charge.


We are running Active-SF, mySql, apache and freebsd most of the time.

There is rumors about some backup servers spread around.


Global list run by Global-listworks;

Local lists run by NoTech-listworks;

Editorial | Tech | Newswire | Video | Translators

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