• i'd suggest to have a sort of assessment for indymedia. what was the expectations from other media centers, especially the mainstream ones? were the expectations met? how come? how come not? what is next for indymedia? how do the volunteers cope for the next thing? i'd suggest also to have there in the program a certain space for group dynamics discussion, for techies media specific workshops on the basics in mediawork, a workshop on practical application and practical benefits for those who cannot access the net and other modern stuff, how does indymedia deal with its limitations?
    from ellain yoneda

  • I would be interested in facilitating a discussion of indymedia economies. As I see it, there are two; the money economy - i.e. paying for things like space, bandwidth, storage etc, and the people economy - i.e. all the labor that goes into it both from the collectives and the posters and commenters. I would like to discuss how these operate separately and how they effect each other.
    from Stacy

  • It would be interesting at somepoint to to have a discussion on the social economy also of indy. Theres alot of issues regards to spatialiality, subjectivity, surveilance, corporeality etc that are just not discussed adequately in our understandings of indy that I'd love to pow-wow with folks over. Could be a little eseoteric for some folks tho I guess.
    from Shayne

  • i'd like this issue ( from "renewed -- until mid 2006" ) to be discussed at melbz conf.
    • who has access to it (ie account into
    • how we fund IT equipment in general ,and in this particular case, who renews the domain ( names are now required to be paid for every 2 yrs)
    • the organisation of nameservers for the domain -- atm, CAT is using two separate off-shore virtservs for our primary/secondary nameservers. CAT is hosting domain name (as well as
    • more generally, organising computing networks for indy-oceania and decision making structures around our IT infrastructure.
    • on a practical level, i'd like to be able to offer indy people web-mail accessible email addys for instance... ie andy -at-, and -at -
    • our own irc, wiki, web and mail servers ....
      from andy

  • "it's that different IMCs are used for quite different focuses. e.g. The UK is very focussed on activist-news and Sydney is more focussed on open-publishing. There are very different editorial policies too..." from sean and gdm

  • Workers Without Bosses: an experiment in international solidarity *This workshop will commence with two videos following the workers of the Brukman garment factory, Buenos Aires, from the momentous events following
the economic crisis of December 2001 through to May 2003. This will be followed by audience discussion around the issues raised - which will also be videoed for incorporation into a further documentary on international worker solidarity campaigns. There will also be discussion on other ways to contribute to the overall campaign. * Further information:
_from gdm__

  • I'd like to look at syndication and distributed search: how can we encourage use of the
set of indymedia oceania sites? What can we do to make the regional network collaborate? Possibilities include searches across the regional sites, shared resources (eg a common "media watch" section) or facilities. Once we've agreed what features we want, we can look at the technical requirements. (See technical sessions for ideas about a common API across the various code bases: CommonAPI) -- Roman

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