The Asia-Pacific Solidarity Project

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This project has developed from an IMC Oceania initiative to provide ongoing support to Asia-Pacific Indymedia collectives, through the sharing of knowledge and means. The aim is to help the Indymedia project be successfully sustained, and see the growth of a strong and independent network for social change, throughout Asia in conjunction with the Oceania region. The project recognises the importance of information sharing and solidarity in order for wide-spread social actiion to take place.

This index page contains links to further documentation on the project. Please contribute to maintaining the pages, or email help and ideas to wowi at (list soon to come).

Ongoing Actions

Upcoming Projects

IRC Meetings

Overcoming Barriers

Barriers imposed by governments and poverty can be overcome.

Australian: Pimp System An affordable alternative to owning a computer? - the phone indymedia patch system

pimp system

Italian: smscast System Covering breaking events with text messages sent from mobile phones

smscast announcement

mmscast: Possible future system for posting photos, audio etc from one of those new camera-phones

Email Encryption Secure emails. For story passing and meeting organising

Upload gpg keys to the Indymedia Keyserver (keyserver not operational at the moment).

gpg signatures use encryption to mathematically verify that the message was not modified as it was sent over the internet. This means that you can prove that it is from the sender and no-one has tampered with it. Using gpg, you can also send a message to someone and ensure that only they will be able to read it. Unfortunately you can't do this easily with standard yahoo or other webbased email systems (you have to encrypt/decrypt on your computer by copy+pasting emails into gpg/pgp) and you need a private computer to store the keys on. Laptops and other portable computers are very good for this sort of thing if you have access to them.

Some reading materials about gpg/pgp:

Activist Guide | Scoop | Derechos | GnuPG

Asia Source

January 28th - February 5th 2005, Bangalore, India

"Asia Source will identify and bring together nearly 100 NGOs and NGO technology support professionals working at the local level across South and South East Asia. Asia Source's primary goal is to act as a focal point in increasing the awareness, integration and adoption of FOSS desktop and tools as a viable option for use amongst the voluntary sector in South and South East Asia..."

Tactical Asia Source

Background Emails

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