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Hi, this is a dreaming, organisation space for an ImcOceania and south east asia conference, from 15-18th of july, in melbourne in 2004. Also occuring nearby is Students of Sustainability Conference July 11-17.

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  • The on-going evolving notes from the conference are documented here: LatestNews

Where, When, How, What

Hi, this is a dreaming, organisation space for an ImcOceania mini/conference, most likely the weekend after the Students of Sustainability Conference in melbourne in 2004. S.o.S is July 11-17.
  • See SummerCamp2004Old#when
    • As of 21 Jan 2004, it looked like Indy Europe might be at the time of the S.o.S and Indy Oceania at the time of an event where there'll be lots of Balkan activists in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. (trace back links at SummerCamp2004Old if you want to try to find more info on the Mostar event) However, this is no longer entirely clear as of the middle of March as Europe and others going haven't yet decided on the dates and it may in fact be in August.
    • Apart from the +-1 week offsets, the legal time diff in northern summer is (time Melb) = (time Europe + 8h), so early arvo Europe = early evening Melbourne.

You can draw from ImcOceaniaMeeting1 and the imc-europe meetup, Summer Camp 2003 (1) (2) for inspiration/ideas.

Please edit, change and evolve this space!

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Draft email for IMC-communications here: OceaniaConferenceCommunications


People intending to come/organise. Add your name! We need it to know about facilities such as food, computers and accomodation.

please put a * next to your name if you will be bringing a computer and + if you need accomadation. and if anyone wants to build a nice table or form for doing this go for it! smile

  • perth: paul/pabs+, shayne+, marie/wowi+ (possible lack of bux), aniMAL+, dana+
  • melb: anna, and*, Takver*, adam*, comradeJ, brain_fear, harry
  • bris: adz/cheesegrate, maybe kim (needs baby sitting)
  • nz: claremarie+ and finn*+
  • manila: randy+ or terry+
  • adelaide: possibly francesca* and ellie*
  • sydney: gdm+, stacy, maybe andy
  • QC: alex+
  • Bandung: Yerry+ or Aribowo+
  • Jakarta: pam+ or shakun+
  • Nothern Territory?

  • on the ground organisers: anna h/spanna (july on), and (april on) Takver (March on) - this is not enough, others must help on the ground if this is to be a viable thing. However, there was a lot of discussion at the Melbourne IMC meeting on 9 March 2004.

Idea Soup

  • Geek/coding/imc-tech sessions
    • work on improvements to oceania.indy and the other oceania indy's
    • brainstorming sessions on features for current software
    • coding up those features
  • skillup sessions
    • tech: html, php, sql/databases, *nix command line stuff, imc software, apache, audio/video editing
    • newsreal: using digicams, digital video recorders, taking good footage, compression codecs
  • outreach beyond the websites
    • getting more people to write local news for indy
    • networking with local and national social change activist groups
    • educating ppl about what indy is and how to use it
  • talking about the obvious gender issue within indy
  • conflict resolution discussion
  • newsreal/film nights
    • the melb newsreel, films made by imc's / video activists around the globe
    • maybe even link up with stuff like the SummerCamp2004Old that's happening in Europe at a similar time? (like live link-ups and streaming media and irc meets.... but time difference might be a problem!)
  • public meeting at the start
    • a dialogue with the public/actvists on how oceania.indy can improve
    • how to get involved in yr local imc
  • make a doco on sos
    • meet the week before, shoot during sos, edit during the conf
    • melbites could do some shooting on what has gone into the preparation for sos in the 6 month leadup
  • get some footage/pics for an urban art around oz doco/newsreal.
  • meet every one
  • go on a billboard tour
  • Announce the conference to the imc-communication list a coupla months beforehand.
  • some kind of action against media monopolies.
    • placing indy material in their newspapers at their distribution points
    • jam the radio/tv stations
    • spray-can journalism
    • possible to create (alternative) reproductions of mainstream news like the Financial Crimes? (needs printing costs and design time/content etc)
  • gonzo/spraycan-journalism (spray/stick up headlines in various places - freeways, large walls....)
  • pass around a spliff or two

Definites and schedule

Need more ideas first. Initial discussions from Melbourne Indymedia meeting were that the conference should be the weekend of the 16-18 July, with people from out of town trying to arrive earlier and join in the SoS conference which is having an kind of open day on the thursday and more structured discussions/talks on the wednesday, 14 July. Suggestion (request?) that indymedia could run a workshop.


Points to be covered (please feel free to add, remove, modify or whatever...):

  • Funding - from which organisations can we get money from? Indy finance? Who else? we need money.
    • what are our costs? 2 phillipines people. 1 jakarta. what else?
    • costs in melbourne?
    • annares donated $500
    • sos donated half the cost of one manila/qc/bandung airfare
  • Accomodation
    • Use SoS billeting/camping for a bit longer
    • Mim types could organise some billeting in activist spaces/homes
    • Camping at parks/designated camping grounds etc.
    • Billeting - takver's, anna's places
    • place to sleep under the como hotel resort
  • Childcare - Takver to coordinate
  • Meeting space
    • Activist spaces (irene etc)
    • La Trobe Uni during SOS
    • IRENE is best choice
      • Needs heating in July
      • Large area, good connectivity
  • Technical needs
    • internet connectivity - broadband at irene
    • video screening
    • other media? radio?
    • an old computer for pred's hardware workshop - bf has one for this
    • video editing & recording gear for anna's workshops
    • puters for tech workshops/hacking sessions

Art / Promo


You can draw also from ImcOceaniaMeeting1 and the imc-europe meetup, Summer Camp 2003 (1) (2) for inspiration/ideas. Euro Summercamp has been cancelled due to lack of people wanting to making it a well-organised event.
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