Mutual Aid - an Asia-Pacific Network??

Japan Invite

Dear friends in Japan Indymedia,

Warmest greetings!

Quezon City (QC) Indymedia, together with its counterparts in Manila and Jakarta, are part of the Oceania Indymedia network. But strictly speaking, in the historical/cultural and geographical sense, it is quite difficult for people in these three cities to think of themselves as part of the Oceania region, which refers to Australia and New Zealand.

At the recent Oceania Indymedia conference in Melbourne, Australia, QC Indymedia proposed the establishment of an Asia-Pacific Indymedia network. The idea behind this is that the Southeast Asian IMCs have had very helpful relations with IMCs from Australia and New Zealand and would definitely not want to do away with these, but at the same time we would like to see ourselves with direct links to IMCistas from places with which the Philippines has close historical and cultural ties. The best way to see this through would be to form an Asia-Pacific Indymedia network.

It was recognized that QC, Manila, and Jakarta are the only cities in the Oceania Indymedia network that are not strictly part of the Oceania region. It was decided that we could start off by inviting Japan Indymedia to be a part of an Asia-Pacific Indymedia. The other IMCs requested QC Indymedia to get in touch with you. On behalf of the Oceania Indymedia network, we in QC Indymedia hereby invite you to take part in exploring the possibilities of forming an Asia-Pacific Indymedia.

To the best of our knowledge, Japan is within the territory encompassed by the Asia-Pacific region, which also includes Northeast, East, and Southeast Asia; Australia, New Zealand, and Tokelau.

We in QC Indymedia in particular are convinced that the formation of an Asia-Pacific Indymedia would show that the Indymedia network is placing emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region and encourage the formation of more IMCs within it, particularly in the regions in the eastern part of Asia where IMCs are not yet too many. The more, the merrier. We are convinced that the activist community and the people's militant struggle in the region would greatly benefit from more Indymedia collectives.

We hope you would consider our proposal favorably and are looking forward to work closer with you in the service of the people.

In solidarity,

Alexander Martin Remollino Spokesperson, QC Indymedia

Other thoughts...

we need to further discuss a process for needy imc's in the network to approach oceania for financial support.. i've just been speaking to terry in irc and she has a proposal on behalf of manila collective.. i know people at the conference were not keen to have a finance list so i've advised her to forwd to the list.

so.. this brings up a few issues i had with the conf/and ongoing stuff.. my worries about the finance discussions at the conf was the lack of inclusivity for other people on hte network to give their opinions and to talk about their needs. we've obviously estab'd the need for streaming at future confs.. and indeed in the case of alex the request was obviously reasonable and subject to a deadline(his return) however.. shouldn't all oceania expenditures be talked about and consensed on by the oceania collective on the list.. can this be something we comit to do in future?

if terry does make her proposal for financial help.. shouldn't we then make it known to other imc's that there is an ability for proposals to be made for finacial aid.. then there the need to raise more funds..

i think there is some need for some sort of finance process.. money often creates tension in collectives.. it's best to prepare early so as to avoid that.

-- GarconDuMonde - 18 Jul 2004 - on behalf of BranDon who is going to get a login soon at TWikiRegistration
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