Notes from the video meeting about online distribution. Also check out ImcOceaniaVideo and add to it

agenda - ruff cuts

online video distro project

anna - oceania most likely place through which to organise such a network - how to go about that

places to air video community tv local film fests regional screenings use gov't funded facilities to run workshops on compression. Ann is going to put a list of guides on the wiki for DVD, DVX

How to get people interested? Tech side - who is going to do the work? Warrick has offered to code. He's already started a media project for longer term.

What is the objective of the site? Categorisation? Priorities? Ann - enable people to watch video on-line, download, have creative commons for people to share footage. And - shared resource for activists - experience, skills. Marie - message board for producers.

Brandon - Real time is very expensive. Raw footage or finished pieces? and - need to establish the network before we host raw footage. Ann - I see it as more of a distribution network for finished pieces than a production tool. Brandon - not mutually exclusive.

There are existing resources -, EcoTV. NG Vision. Do we have to start another one?

Brandon - good to consolidate the resources. Streaming or downloading?

Ann - Downloading

Warwick - RSS - newswire type system.

Brandon - depends on the end user. Streaming is faster, but you don't keep a copy.

Need summaries for viewing lots of footage before downloading. Animated .gif available on - XML - Ann will contact them about accessing info.

Andy will set up a mailing list for discussion.

Oceania & Asia Pacific region? Provide resources for poorer countries. Will they have the infrastructure to use it? Are we promising more than we can deliver?

Whoever can contribute will define what it is.

There are global projects like this. What is unique is the regionality.

copy of v2v - setup a oceania indy site.

oceania indymediate site idea: main features in column, syndicated video wire on right had side. then it can flip, main video with details in main column, features newswire on right hand side.

PROPOSAL: organise on the list to get metadata for upload videos.
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