0. updates from tech ppl

Gavin from melb - sfactive 0.9 + custom additions. - hosted axxs.org , nomasters.org Shayne from perth - kinda stalled direction - from moved from activismo to activismo2 - hosting darwin/manilla using activismo - have some spare capacity, IRC/icecast/video conference server

Andy from sydney - CAT hosting sydney IMC (active code) hosted overseas, brisbane IMC (active code) hosted at Turella, Sydney

Finn from aotearoa - DadaIMC hosted in NYstate @ ACLU - Finn is only tech, suffering from lack of energy - developing print/video modules. - Adelaide: almost finished migrated from active to DadaIMC - going to nomasters.org

Simon on Tasmedia - hosted by CAT , running active. - calendar used more than news - no geeks

1. Long features syndication - oceania.indymedia.org

Melbourne's RSS is broken. imc-syndication list (dead?) - discusison - movement towards shared standard ie take the discussion to the wider network. wider page html design

2. regional imc tech list

make it oceania-tech@lists.cat.org.au

3. online meetings

regular time/place for oceania-tech people to get together and discuss items. Monthly - suggsted a week in advance - for IRC meeting.

#oceania channel on irc.indymedia.org is always available. Then a special channel for the meeting.

PROPOSAL: one week time approx with a first IRC meeting. Monday 6pm perth, 8pm sydney, 10pm Aotearoa

Widely advertised - lists, oceania.indymedia.org, wiki... Link to introduction on irc meetings.

Static page for regional imc tech coordination. a FAQ etc

4. indymedia.org.au email mailboxes

lots of discussion at global level - on a personal level they are nice , feeling like being part - on a collective level , it could form hierarchy and "cliques"

UK - got email aliases at regional and group levels.

riseup.net email services and other tech feds that do this work as opposed to indymedia has lots of new services that we can barely keep going.

PROPOSAL: to change indymedia.org.au domain name so that nobody can get personal aliases. to investigate regional/collective level email aliases to private secure list.

indymedia.com (indymedia.com.au) may be vacant and should be bought

5. internalisation on oceania indymedia

Oceania site in unicode - international characters set.

philiphino, indonesian imcs need to give us input -- need to ask them about doing translations.

actual tech changes is to just change the character set

talk about it at first oceania-tech IRC meeting.

6. global imc-tech and oceania tech collaboration.

Pabs has been IRC stuff and doing work on the main list server.

Global tech has splintered off into various new groups based on new servers and new codebases.

Working groups that need help: Keyserver , Wiki (imc-tech-coord@lists.indymedia.org), Contact Database

Regional standardisation - interoperability with RSS, searching, meta-data standards - which could filter out into the wider network. look at soma / other activist media standards like dublin core

7. upgrades to new codebases

Discussion around most popular CMSs for indy sites

Mir (gdm) - java/postgresql - user POV its relatively straight forward - logins/topics/regions/translations - global site uses it - admin POV (nontech) its relatively straight forward - distributed html front end - separated publish/html cache design.. runs on two machines.

Active (roman,adeliade) - features wouldnt work - code is spagethi mess in php & perl

DadaIMC (finn) - php/mysql traditional CMS style - logins with editors/users roles - hard to cache - heavy on db - slow in big IMCs - user level moderation - quite modular design architecture

Sf-active (grubby) - easy to customise - php/mysql trad. CMS - bit of kerfuffle with sf techs - new release 0.9.2 incompatible with old versions.

Drupal (shane) - CMAQ uses drupal , good techs there - logins/permissions - very popular CMS -lots of modules developed

Activismo - mysql/php - being replaced with new code , new design

other software: indyblogs site is running planetplanet.

Shayne wants to help on oceania syndication software Gavin is using magpie and php code to do syndicated features of melbourne IMC

Andy is installing Mir, GDM is installing Drupal

Beyond open publishing ...

8. collective server management.

where the sites are? are there tech issues?

# who has access to it (ie account into explorer.net.au) # how we fund IT equipment in general ,and in this particular case, who renews the domain (.org.au names are now required to be paid for every 2 yrs) # the organisation of nameservers for the domain indymedia.org.au -- atm, CAT is using two separate off-shore virtservs for our primary/secondary nameservers. CAT is hosting indymedia.org.au domain name (as well as active.org.au) # more generally, organising computing networks for indy-oceania and decision making structures around our IT infrastructure. # our own irc, wiki, web and mail servers ....

shared server possibilities - ie hosting a rack mount nomasters.org lawyer at eff WA hosting service canadian mob

need to spec out the machine requirements, then come with a specific proposal to oceania network.

requirements: large enough resources to do media network, secure enough , friendly environment (ie not going to take us down when threatening by lawyer), cheap enough for us to sustain.

mirroring arrangements

9. Proposed search API

search box on oceania.indymedia backend does distributed search on oceania indymedia sites, and then collates response and displays the results. Documents on the wiki based loosely on Z39.50 next gen called Zing

-- Main.Guest - 18 Jul 2004

-- AndyCat - 26 Jul 2004
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