Decision Making on Imc-Oceania list.

How are proposals made? proposal must be in the title of the email.

How are proposals decided upon?

Role of list moderators List moderators stop spam coming through to the list and enforce any decisions made about how the list is run.

Proposals that have been previously passed.
  • that all brisbane related business be dealt with on the newly set up brisbane admin list or related imc-brisbane lists.
  • people that personally attack and insult other members of the list are to be barred from posting for 7 days in the first instance. Repeated abuse may lead to permanently being barred.
from :

  • that discussion on pointing to end and that emails regarding such a proposal be disallowed to the list with those who violate this twice of more unable to post to the list for 1 week (but not removed), and if they do so again to be permanently barred from posting. (passed: Oct 14, 2005)


  • PaulWise - Urrghh, decisions suck. Getting stuff done should be the focus.

-- AndMelb - 12 Oct 2004
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