IMC Oceania Network Finance

Funds and Finances from Conference

Events Incomes Outgoings Total
Preconf funding 2621 --  
donations for space 30 80P  
Thursday Mulled Wine 200 --  
Naomi Klein & Tshirts 995.40 --  
IndyBar - Saturday 273.15 --  
Benefit - Sat. 376.90 --  
Donation from Aotearoa IMC 100 --  
Shane - Food/coffee -- 95 P  
GDM - tshirts -- 100P  
Takver - fruit -- 66 P  
And_ - spending money for Alex -- 50P  
Geraldine - flight -- 520P  
Alex - visa -- 66P  
Finn - hardware/geek stuff -- 112P  
And_ - alcohol -- 90P  
Alex - spending money -- 50P  
Alex Fares, Terry visa costs -- 1270P  
Projector -- 120P  
And_ - screen printing -- 20P  
And_ - phone -- 50(?)  
And_ - postage NK -- 10P  
And_ - antimedia hosting -- 20P  
Totals: 4596.45 2719 1877.45

P = paid

  • network/geek stuff - powerboards, cds, network cards, cables
  • nb: did not get the $500 from SoS as Alex arrived too late and was unable to give a workshop there.
  • irene made $500 from food

Final - 'where the money went'
  • $450 donation to QC IMC to buy a digital camera and case.
  • $1121
  • approx $1420 left over

Further thoughts on finance

I have started this section following on from emails by wowi and and_ and wowi again...


This a proposal manila made a couple of months ago. Quite beyond our means to support. Manila might want to discuss the possibility of a small grant from the network (around $500 say?) and what they might like to do with it.

Terry should also have money left over from funds shayne i both sent her after her visa costs. I sent $160 and shayne sent $95 i think. The visa process is around $70 i think, not sure how much the passport was. Can you report back us on this Terry? It is probably going to be $100 extra at most.

Finance Discussion

  • I don't feel like we really worked out a process for dealing with this cash. There was a proposal to set up an oceania finance list but as no-one comitted to ongoing fundraising it seems a bit redundant. It might be better to spend the cash we have and when as new needs arise deal with them.

  • my worries about the finance discussions at the conf was the lack of inclusivity for other people on hte network to give their opinions and to talk about their needs."

*the idea of the imc-finance list was to seperate finance from the main list for those interested to discuss proposals etc..

  • perhaps the list is not necessary as yet because there is no cash/proposal flow but it would be a way to start an obvious process for dealing with finance issues..

  • something along the lines of.. the proposal gos to finance list.. it is discussed until agreed upon.. then reported back to oceania list

  • i think there is some need for some sort of finance process.. money often creates tension in collectives.. it's best to prepare early so as to avoid that.

Other mutual aid?

  • if terry does make her proposal for financial help.. shouldn't we then make it known to other imc's that there is an ability for proposals to be made for finacial aid.. then there the need to raise more funds..

  • also to be discussed..
    • the way in which the financial support will be offered to imc's in the network. ie. Jakarta
    • Brisbane mediation?
    • whether to put some of that money away for future fundraising/ confs/ fests

Proposal For Oceania-Finance List

posted by wowi Tue, 10 Aug 2004 13:56:55 +1000 (EST)

during the Oceania meeting last night, there was alot of interest expressed in the formation of an Oceania-Finance list.

To avoid 'hidden decisions' The list would ofcourse be OPEN and PUBLICLY ARCHIVED, with all decisions be reported to the main Oceania list for a week to

request discussion and ratification.. and consensed upon.

Reasons for an Oceania-Finance list:

Oceania needs to create a finance process in anticipation of coming formal proposals (eg. from manila imc) and to discuss informal ones that have already been made (sending comps O/S from Murdoch Student Guild/Perth IMC) The list would be the beginning of process for dealing with proposals and other Oceania finacial issues. The continuation of finance process discussion would happen on the list.

Finance discussion should be seperate from the main list as it can often become

sensitive. I donot envisage any conflict but it would be good to be prepared for any situation, thus i feel a finance list would assure volatile emails will

be separate to the main list.

For those proposing for mutual aid it is a serioius matter! A separate list would also assure that proposals and discussion are not lost amongst main list traffic. The collectives/individuals needs should be treated seriously by having a space devoted to addressing them.

Some people interested (at last nite meeting) in comitting to finance issues: doll and_ (possible) gdm wowi allan_x (possible)

As part of this debate.. can you pls express your interest to be part of a finance collective?

cheers M

-- GarconDuMonde - 05 Aug 2004 - started -- WoWi - 10 Aug 2004 - added proposal from Aug 9th Oceania Meeting
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