IMC Australasia (Oz+Aotearoa ) national indymedia meeting minutes.

Original Minutes

25th March 2002. Adelaide. Borderlines Conference. Summary of decisions (to be put to local imc collectives). All local IMCs to discuss by 15th April:


Proposals for the following (lasted for about 1/2hr)::

Decision-Making model:

  • Consensus -- if not working -- one delegate per IMC model -- if not working -- local IMCs to discuss.
  • Need minute taking, facilitator, time-keeper.
  • Using draft agenda as circulated by melb. IMC as basis for discussion.
  • Alex, Andrew : facilitator.
  • Andy : notetaker.

Draft Agenda:: in melbourne archive which appear to have dissapeared for the moment.

  • Franseca [AdelaideIMC] :: Meet every 2 wks. (6-7 people). not enough people in collective. CSS stuff, highlights stuff. more people writing stories - more publicity.
  • Finn [AotearoaIMC] :: Aotearoa - 6 months ago - not city based - Auckland, Well., ChristChurch have physical centres. Have first site (based on Manilla) - half way through Active based site. Windy (well. imc) - been given 5 computers - occupied building -- fortnightly publication "Windy" -- out to people without computers.
  • Baz [BrisbaneIMC] :: Collective (4 people) meet before CHOGM - site running on CAT. (7 - 10) people - up to 25 people for meetings. Refurbished computers - focus on using media space. Making links with other media depts. Finding more linux geeks. Underneath 4ZZZ community radio. Access to equipment (personal) stuff -- incorporate body doing grants and funding equipment for IMC.
  • Andy [SydneyIMC] :: History about sydney imc - .. space in lord st, newtown, and turella. 2SER radio segement.
  • Nik [MelbourneIMC] :: Started off around S11 (2000) - flat newswire -- Indybullentin. activity around site firstly - people coalescing around site - last year focus to reinvigorate melb. imc - redesign, features, policy 10-12 people in meetings. SpaceStation links -- space and people. Features has changed nature of newswire -- 3RRR radio (tuesday 5:15pm) indymedia segment. The PIMP - phone indymedia patch. small and unsustainable collective.

Common concerns:
  • gender and diversity -
  • people doing work in collectives - eg numbers
  • trolling on site - (melb workaround - features & hiding policy for porn,racism, duplicates, personal attacking .. written down in editorial policy) decontextualised porn, straight post from commerical media.
  • lack of communication between regional IMCs.
  • complete lack of technical people. skill-sharing.

Relating to each other as local IMCs:
  • email lists are great communication tools - but need more substantinal lasting shared archive.
  • oceania list -
  • regional indymedia "process" site move en-masse to -- oceania in title to trigger an email to list.
  • face to face meeting -- rotating locations. couple of times a year.
  • One at ElectroFringe October 2002 -- nut out on lists.
  • Tech workshops:: couple of days at a conf/meeting.


  • concerns about centralising.
  • not like cities sites as such.
  • best of the cities sites & no newswire or publishing.
  • differing view, need to have publishing resources for minorities/island nations etc .
  • above two different proposals??
  • longer term plan on publishing site for regional site.
  • two names; compliation (australasia rather than oceania) and regional publishing site
  • building site at Electrofringe (and beforehand) is a great way to start building capacity.
  • dissenting views
  • not doing compilation because its an easy tech. solution without enough outreach within on communities and pacific island groups.
  • pacific island regional publishing site not good since we havent contacted them, or be contacted by them.
  • us helping others not yet in networks to setup their own site, and using existing sites in the meantime.
  • careful with language.
  • invitations and offerings of help and explanations of "gift" culture (by activists)
  • aotearoa people are helping with building networks within oceania.
  • can offer "lifeline" for oppressed people/minorities stories to get out to the world.

Global / Network level issues:
  • how are global/network decisions made? With regards to money?
  • regionalising funds ie having common fund pool for sydney, melb, adelaide, aotearoa, brisbane.
  • americans have advantage. w.r.t network level decisions - because of numbers and ease of face to face meeting.
  • good to be leading by example.
  • channeling funds/getting funds easier if we have regional level accounts.
  • still work with current process & current people, but do our own autonomous regional d.m.p, eg funds if possible from network, but also take donations for our "network as a whole" in this region.
  • proposal:: regional funding structure with links to global funding "bodies"
  • ethical / blueprint for accepting money.
  • brisbane has been looking at it a lot since they are doing it at a local level now. They are having a incorporated body ( they see it as a charity that supports the IMC people). For instance the gaming machine community benefit fund gave 4zzz $14000 for equipment.
  • proposal:: with sub-committee to work on the list talking about financials (models of organising, ethics, legal structures ) with financial sub-heading.
  • not dealing with money is no solution, in terms of actually creating and living the alternative "economic" models.
  • proposal:: ask global site to have ability to donate to different regional levels of the global network.
  • proposal:: ask for a slice of funding for hardware resources :: bandwidth, server machines, tech training, and for meeting/workshops on regional level. Highlight local decision making structure esp. on how to manage money and make it sustainability. Highlight why its good for the network as a whole - enabling other up and coming local IMCs to come to us and train, infrastructure used by both our regional network and the "global" network.
  • Need to write proposal and develope on list.
  • Stick these minutes on imc-process list.

Wrap-up:: Committments and good things in IMC.
  • Gab * diversity of people involved in IMC - media skills, techies, talking , facilitator. * finance structures and ethical dertails and contacts with pacific * Electrofringe.
  • Andrew * financial stuff and Electrofringe. * building Melb. indymedia. * three members over 70 in Melb. IMC. * Alex * no committments * travelling and networking. * Melb. IMC spawned so many different projects -- breed media activist culture (eg Media Circus had 800+ people).
  • Nik * Electrofringe. * funding proposal * compiliation site. * The PIMP!! "I'm the MackDaddy of the PIMP"
  • Roman * buzz to see so many oz/nz IMC people in Adeliade for regional indymedia meeting. * compliation site.
  • John * usability guru - spent last year doing review of site. easy to digest, easy to use,
  • Phil - going to Java.
  • Jemma * really glad the event took place in Adeliade. Inspiration and energy to take back to local Adeliade site/collective.
  • Franseca * ethics and finance proposals. * broadening diversity of contributors
  • Dave * videographer and networker. Been away from Adeliade from a while.
  • Finn * nice put faces to email addresses! * indiginous outreach * compliation site.
  • Rob * regional body can be a great example (with time and energy) and model for indymedias to cooperate, become sustainable, diversify and reach many people. * maintain ties between oz and aotearoa
  • Adam * meeting went well . we looked at big picture, using list and site, and face to face meetings. * didnt dicuss enough concrete actions - eg finance proposal * helping with * finding tech geeks in brisbane * doing design on site * Brisbane had launch with many different people turned up .
  • Barry * finance proposal. * brisbane indymedia meeting brought new people out of the woodwork.
  • Andy * compliation site * send minutes to cc list and local imc collectives. * setting up tweaks for


ok, so i've said this on the list and there has been more discussion about it but there was general dissent last melb indy meeting to australasia cause 1. is very 1st world centric (just aus and nz) and thus set up borders we should be aiming to dismantle through practical solidarity and networking with other groups in the area. 2. it doesn't push us to move beyond out present situation, calling ourselves oceania means we have to become oceanic and make those links. just some thoughts, i've said it before but i wanted to twy the wiki. andrew.

Hi Johnj from sydimc here smile Sounds like a productive and inspiring meeting. I would agree with the above comments wholeheartedly Just out of interest what are the arguments for Australasia? (wiki rox)

-- AndMelb - 19 Sep 2004
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