Oceania Indymedia Newsreal

The OCEANIA INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL is a compilation of tactical video of the moment, with a regional focus. It is a news-zine for the web, and distributed on CD-ROM, with aims parallel to those found on the oceania.indymedia.org website - to collate stories from independant producers and community media collectives focussing on social change and environmental issues.

The idea is then to pass this project along to other alternative media groups around Oceania, who will take turns to produce this inspiring short program of news and views from around the region. The project also aims to encourage better content and skills sharing between regional IMCs and video collectives, communityTV and independent video producers.

Notes on the ImcOceania newsreal process:

At the moment the melbourne collective is taking on most the newsreal compiling and editing.

There is also the tassie newsreal that hiedi is co-ordinating.

How to contribute

Email oceania-video (at) lists.cat.org.au if you have enquieries about submitting material.

How to distribute

Firstly we encourage you to access an organiation in your area with a fast internet connection, and download a copy of the Newsreal from there. This is becoming more possible, and helps share some of the burden of distribution with the end-user as well as the producers. It is then possible to transfer this video to a VCD that will play in a DVD player, or to transfer it onto video tape. Ask the list for advice on how to do this. However, if this isn't possible, please send an email to the list oceania-video (at) lists.cat.org.au and we can arrange to send you a copy of the newsreal for screenings or further distribution. We may then ask you to function as a distribution node in your area, in return - whereby people in your local area may approach you for a copy of the video.


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