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Edition 3

Oceania Indymedia Newsreal 3 is a compilation of short, critical documentaries focussing on social and environmental issues in South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Distributed here online and also on VCD this edition includes pieces on Maori struggles in Aotearoa, East Timorese campaigning over Australia's theft of oil in the Timor sea, life in the slums of Jakarta, climate change in the Pacific, Food not Bombs in Australia and much more.

You can purchase a copy of the VCD in Melbourne at Sticky, Friends of the Earth, the New International Bookshop and more locations soon. Contact us if you'd like to order a copy. Cost is $10 plus postage. You can also download the entire newsreal and individual newsreal segments below.

The Oceania Indymedia Newsreal 3 was produced by EngageMedia.

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Surviving in an Asian Megacity
Robert Wyrod/Rachel Rinaldo | Duration: 5:34
With a population of over 10 million, Indonesia's capital Jakarta is one of Asia's mega-cities. Like similar cities, there is increasing tension between an expanding elite population and a growing urban poor. The mayor of Jakarta has a solution to this problem - evict the urban poor. This video looks at life in three poor communities in Jakarta, highlighting their strategies for survival in very uncertain times.
Download: small (15mb) | large (59mb)

Climate Justice Tour
Kim Stewart | Duration: 9:42
In 2004 Friends of the Earth hosted a tour of the east coast of Australia by three representatives of some of the countries worst affected by the West's large scale use of fossil fuels. They are: Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria), Fiu Mataese (Samoa) and Suila Toloa (Tuvalu). Kim Stewart went with them...
Download: small (26mb) | large (103mb)

Lake Cowal
Izzy Brown | Duration: 7:37
Lake Cowal is situated 47km north-east of West Wyalong, central western New South Wales, Australia, and is the biggest inland lake in the state. It is protected under two international agreements on migratory birds and is also listed on the national heritage register as a significant wetland, and home to many native and endangered species. Canadian Gold mining company Barrick has proposed a mine at Lake Cowal using cyanide and lethal chemicals. Activists travelled to Lake Cowal in October 2004 to challenge Barrick and act in solidarity with local indigenous people.
Download: small (21mb) | large (81mb)

Industrial Relations Rally
Plugin/EngageMedia | Duration: 1:48
Over 100,000 people rallied in the heart of Melbourne, Australia on June 30 this year against the Federal Government's proposed industrial relations reforms. Workers, community groups and many, many more marched in opposition to the neo-liberal agenda of the Federal government about to be amped up with the passing of control of the upper house to the conservatives. This short video captures some of the atmosphere of Melbourne's biggest rally since the anti-war demonstrations of 2003.
Download: small (5mb) | large (19)

Kia Tupato
Michelle McGregor | Duration: 10:54
Kia Tupato (Be Careful) features the late Sir John Turei as he presents Maori views on genetic modification with reference to the land and the teaching of his grandparents. Sir John was considered a bridge between the cultures of Maori and non-Maori in New Zealand, and received many honours from the Government including a knighthood. Kia Tupato presents the teachings of Sir John and his people and includes footage from the protest movement against genetic modification in New Zealand.
Download: small (30mb) | large (115mb)

Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Bella Bella | Duration: 5:28
On January 2002, while the Aboriginial Tent Embassy celebrated its 30th anniverary, Aboriginal Elders led an action to reclaim the sacred totems of the Kangaroo and Emu from the Australian Coat of Arms. Ceremonies were then held to celebrate its return to Aboriginal peoples, and the coat of arms placed on public display in front of the ceremonial fire. Elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott was then accused of dishonestly appropriating a bronze coat of arms with the intention of permanently depriving the Commonwealth of its property. This video documents the events.
Download: small (14mb) | large (58mb)

Food Not Bombs Melbourne
Plugin | Duration 6:45
Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of independent collectives, serving free vegan and vegetarian food to others. The Food Not Bombs ideology claims that myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to cause hunger amidst abundance. Plugin TV tags along with the Melbourne Food Not Bombs chapter in Australia to find out how it all works.
Download: small (18mb) | large (72mb)

The Tide is Turning
Matthew Donaldson | 9:15
In 2004, Prime Minister Helen Clark and the New Zealand Labour government passed legislation declaring Crown ownership of the New Zealand foreshore and seabed. The indigenous people of Aotearoa / New Zealand - The Maori people - having suffered the effects of land confiscation for over 150 years, recognised this legislation for what it was - land confiscation. A nationwide call to action saw 30,000 people from all over the country converging in the parliament grounds to challenge the Prime Minister to reconsider passing the legislation.
Download: small (26mb) | large (98mb)

Tasi Timor
Sahe Media Popular : Duration 13:41
Tasi Timor documents the popular protests in Dili in 2004 against Australia's ongoing occupation of the Timor sea and exploitation of the vast oil reserves contained therein. Documenting a vast array of speakers and popular feeling Tasi Timor provides a Timorese view on the current state of the nation.
Download: small (38mb) | large (138mb)

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