Grand River IMPACT To Do List

Current (active) To Do List

Special Projects

  • In order to do these special issues, we need to have partnerships for the following (both for this issue, and ongoing), in order to:
    • solicit content for articles (preferably grassroots perspectives for the most part)
    • get volunteers to help with article round-up, editing, and layout
    • funds: donation (either cash or in-kind), or joint fundraising venture
    • assistance with distribution
    • in return, we can help with publicity and promotion of their issues and events
  • For every paper we produce, we need the following:
    • determine topics
    • solicit articles, set deadline
    • edit articles
    • layout
    • copying
    • folding party
    • distribution
  • Current projects are:

Ongoing Organizational Projects

Meeting Logistics (need for each meeting)

  • secure space
    • 43 Queen: bookings and key [Ulises]
    • Imprint [Randy and Carol]
    • Hosted meetings [host]
  • promote meeting
    • e-mail [Kevin]
    • community event calendars [??]
    • broader postering and promotion [??]
  • preset agenda (facilitate people's input) [Kevin]
  • roles at meeting: facilitation, time-keeping, note-taking, action whip [decide at meeting]
  • post-meeting communication of action plan, minutes [note-taker]
  • following up on action plan [action whip]

Volunteer Intake (for each new volunteer)

  • fill in volunteer form (from email or phone) [Greg or Kevin]
  • enter into contact list database [Greg or Kevin]
  • ongoing volunteer support [Randy]
    • orientation
    • connect to opportunities for involvement
    • connect to skill building
    • follow up (every month for active members, 4 months for inactive members)
    • give regular updates on volunteer status at meetings

Maintain to-do lists (review at least weekly) [whip]

  • keep active to-do list up to date: what's been done, what's to do
  • keep track of assignments, who's doing what, checking progress
  • make sure project to-do lists reflect present reality, and that organizational needs are incorporated into the "sexier" projects
  • broadcast current status through web page and e-mail

Outreach / Relationship Building (review at least weekly)

  • presence at events [select person/group for each event]
    • maintain booth/handouts
    • doing presentations (media education, indymedia workshops)
  • finding events and meetings to attend [everyone]
  • maintaining listings for events, volunteers: through newspapers, radio, Volunteer Action Centre
  • maintain outreach materials [everyone]
  • foster connections with local groups, organizations, people in important positions in community [everyone]
    • (use variety of approaches)
  • keep an eye out for fundraising and other outreach opportunities [everyone]

Completed To Do Items

  • Application for continued office use at Imprint [Greg - DONE]
  • put to-do lists onto web [Kevin - DONE]
  • build volunteer orientation package [Carol draft DONE]
  • set up new categories in People Works program [Kevin - DONE]
  • Multicultural Festival (June 21/03) [Carol, Kevin, Randy, Greg, Patrick]
  • Spot Action (June 21, 5pm, Victoria Park Clock Tower)
    • Kevin (pictures), Randy (article)
  • "Buy Local! Buy Fresh!" map insert [NOT THIS YEAR]
  • ImcOntarioImpactIntakeForm [Randy - done]
  • Global Awareness Camp - 1 session [Carol, Greg, John, Randy]
  • Hillside Festival (July 25-27) [Kevin had pass, took pictures]
  • ImcOntarioBlindSpotTheSpot

-- KevSmith - 06 Aug 2003 - update for Aug 12 mtg
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