Idea August 2005

To Indymedia Oceania People

1. Proposal

I would like us (IMC Aotearoa and all IMCs in Australia) to support the struggle in the Pacific and look into helping people in the Islands to set up their own Independent Media Centres.

Indymedia Oceania (the email list and the site) is great! However, now is the time to support people outside of Australia and Aotearoa from the region in their struggles.

2. How?

I don't know at all what the situation is like in the Pacific Islands. I don't know if the Internet is much used and if computers are available to a lot of people. So I can make a proposal here but of course I realise that it's up to 'the people' to decide if Indymedia is a project they'd want to undertake.

- First step: Initiate a dialogue

I propose that we actively try to link up with people in the Pacific, tell people about Indymedia and support groups and individuals who are interested in setting up an IMC in their country/area materially (ie. equipment (some people in Wellington are good at getting computers together), financially (fundraising) and with skills (skill sharing, workshops etc.).

3. Why?

Amazing social and environmental movements are fighting in many places in the pacific. In Tonga a revolution seems possible, in Tahiti people know what fighting imperialism means, West Papua is struggling for independence from Indonesia, and the coconut revolution of Bougainville is simply stunning!

The capitalist media is fucked, obviously. And the governments don't like dissent. In Tonga, the biggest independent newspaper (Te Taimi o Tonga) was banned for years and is still published in Auckland. People have been arrested for handing out Te Taimi in the past.

Alternative and independent media is, as we all know, a key to freedom. Indymedia could be a way for people in the Pacific to publish their own news that then can be read everywhere. It could strengthen their movements locally and they could link with movements from all around the world.

smush \x96 Wellington (August 2005)
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