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IMC Piter - diversity questions

(1A) present diversity

How does the makeup of your collective reflect the diversity of the local community (e.g. in realtion to gender-, sexual-, spiritual-, and/or cultural-identity)?
  • We have people from different collectives, such as indyvideo, frontAIDS, and some Individual activists. Now we have about 6 members. - http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/new-imc/2007-June/0602-eu.html
  • Our policy is destroying discriminations - so we have fair mix of men/women. Mainly in articles. people write about these problems and/or are involved in the proccess of organization of such kind of actions - ImcCEE070628Log

(1B) plans to improve diversity

If your group currently does not represent the diversity of the local community, particularly in relation to groups who are underrepresented in mainstream society and denied access to vehicles of expression, what steps will be taken to address this on an ongoing basis?
  • We organize public meetings at different public places such as universities and filmclubs. - ImcCEE070628Log

(1C) new workfields, anti-gender-discrimination

What steps will be taken to involve individuals in workfields new to them? What measures will be taken to overcome a gendered work division?
  • Public meetings - after them each person could decide if he/she wants to involve or not. We bring information and society gets it. After it each person decides for himself. We made some workshops (video workshops) and non-media workshops. For example on festival "black petrograd" at november 2006. Also we teach people how to use internet 24 hours a day )) - ImcCEE070628Log
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