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ImcPittsburgh -- pittsburgh.indymedia.org


  • email validation (partially ported from our old code, still not working) (done 21apr 2004)
    • should still become object-oriented code
  • improve format of automatic admin to editorial list emails (somewhat done, could be better)
  • improve media mirroring (currently using paranode pytoeye.py script, would be better to integrate with sf-active and generalize) [partially done -- sf-active code to push content out via rsync, ftp, or other methods is done and running on staughton, pushing to media.indypgh.org]
    • ibiblio.org
    • archive.org
  • iCal format for calendar syndication (partially done)
  • feature photo code - working, but add following features:
    • db-ify
    • return something when form is submitted
    • load previous photo info when editing
  • general cron class like in Dada? our new features (calendar, ...?) depend on cron
  • should be simple -- UTF8 encoding for page, so international characters display in right charset? (done 1/26/2004)
  • configure categorization (requires coordination with editorial collective)
  • get pabs' imc_agg script from here to eliminate duplicated syndicated stories (global does this for us now)
  • use https by default (real ssl cert is now installed, should fix problems with weird browsers) (done)
  • integrate Indytube for flash video

Code - Non-sf-active related

* Fix the Finance functions -- see TODO at http://howard.indypgh.org/finance/TODO * Add a lending / resources section, catalog

Design ( see http://test.staughton.indypgh.org )

  • replace templates (top, right, etc.) and update corresponding div classes
  • replace layout.css and update index.php
  • fix website display on Mac IE5 and iCab
  • sexier logo with wrench
  • replace publish button with something less ugly?
  • additional / configurable css themes. (optimized for different resolutions?)

-- QuintenSteenhuis - 2 March 2004

-- MattToups - 21 Jan 2004

-- DavidMeieran - 22 Jan 2004
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