If people fill in the contact form, these forms are sent to

A standard reply for possible volunteers situated in Scotland so far:

Hi to everybody interested in participating at Imc Scotland.

Participating at Imc Scotland:

1.) Contributing articles to the website

At the moment the main focus is the administration of the website. The main Imc Scotland page can be found here:

To publish go to:

To sign up, rate articles and edit your own post, create a login here:

The intermediate Indymedia website, which is a subsection on Indymedia UK.

To publish you just click on the fat red button floating on various parts of the website, most likely and in future it can be found on the upper right side of the webpage. to publish you go to: don't be afraid of the security certificate which pops up when going to the webpage, it just alerts you that it is a secure connection (or should be) for transmitting your information.The information is then made public on the website.

After you published your article, it should take only 2 minutes till your contribution appears in the newswire on the right side under the publish button and the search box, with the choosen headline, which is automatically transformed to be a link to the full article. With your article, you can also upload media files, such as pictures, audio files and videos. However, media contributions take a while till they appear in the article, e.g. picture contributions might be taking longer, up to an hour till they appear. This is solely due to the technical solution behind it. A placeholder should indicate that the media file is fully uploaded to the server and worked on and optimized.

2.administering the website and managing contributions

Your article gives readers the option to add comments under the article. Posts or comments which violate the editorial guidelines can be administered by the imc-volunteers involved in administering the site. Generally if people push the limits in being unfriendly to each other, postings can be made invisable on the website. show the editorial guidelines. If you want to get involved in the administration of the site, you might want to get a training and a login.It would be best to have training as face to face on a one to one basis. So contact me if you want a proper training and a log-in.

3. communication and coordination in Indymedia Scotland:

For participating otherwise at Indymedia Scotland, we have an email list, on which people talk about the projects and their ideas, and where we organise our meetings and discuss stuff. The list is open for anybody to read, and so are the archives of the list. is the page, where you can unsubscribe or move on to the archive or visit the subscriber list.

Here is the website where you can view the last postings:

As you wanted to participate in imc-scotland I will add you to the subscribers list, unless you are already. A monthly reminder will be send out with a password so you can go to above link and unsubcribe at any time in case you get annoyed with the list.

There are also monthly meetings getting resumed again. The last one was in Edinburgh. The next one will be: ?

4.documentation everything you want to know about Imc Scotland and Imc Uk can be foundin the documentation page:

5. Other Imc-Scotland media projects apart from the website:

  • Print:
we haven't set up or coordinated our own print project yet, but have close links and work together with Counter Information. Counter Information is about 20 years old and is now looking for more members in their collective to join them. The counterinformation collective is planning to bring a new 4 sided Din A4 sheet out every year for the anarchist bookfair in autumn. If you want to be involved, mail to: and ask to be subscribed to the list.

If you are interested in video and films there are 2 more email lists.
  • imc-scotland-film: co-ordinating screenings and keeping in touch with other independant filmmakers and projects.

  • Camcorder Guerillas:
An independant but close group to Indymedia. Has been organizing a brilliant weekend in march: see: or . Mainly based in Glasgow, working on now setting up a physical space in the Glasgow Media Access centre and producing films and getting involved in organizing screenings. The email list is:

  • Edinburgh Camcordia:
Grown out of the Camcorder Guerilla weekend, a group of filmmakers in Edinburgh interested in organising making films. camcordia list <>

6. other aspects.

  • we are working together with the Imc Uk . The last network meeting was the weekend of 18th of november in Sheffield and it was a pretty good opportunity to get to know all and everybody involved in Indymedia in the Uk. If you want to come along, mail to the list, tell us at the next meeting and keep the weekend free.

  • we are also working with Linux and Free Software. There was an introductiory weekend for activists on how to use Linux next weekend in Lancaster. If you are interested in going to the next one, you might want to mail me back or to directly contact the organisers:

  • the next upcoming event:

-- AnarchoBabe - 26 Sep 2003
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