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If you want to contribute to Indymedia Scotland go for it. Just write your article and/or take, crop and compress your photos. Then press the publish button/link on the Indymedia Scotland website. Copy you article into the form or select you images for upload they will be added to the site.

If you want to help with editorial for the site then join the imc-scotland-discussion list, introduce yourself and ask to become an editor. We will arrange for training. The editor interface for DadaIMC web solution use at is pretty self explainitory. There is full documentation in the editor web interface section itself.

All those with editor (and admin access) should follow the imc-scotland-discussion list.

Set left or right alignment in drop down menu in media options to get better text wrap.

Here are some addition notes for more advance maintenance, if you are a casual visitor to these pages don't worry about them.

If you have backend access read notes in text files in file space.

mysqlhotcopy does not work on our db as on different server to pages where we have login.

mysqldump is more suited anyway

mysqldump scot-indymedia --opt -u scotim-admin -h -p > backupDATE.sql

where scot-indymedia is database name scotim-admin is mysql user is database server which is not localhost as default is.

There is a button to do this in admin under cronmaster and will be set as cron job.

/usr/bin/mysqldump --opt --user=scotim-admin --password=****** scot-indymedia | gzip -c -f -5 > /public/html/scot-indymedia/***/scot-indymedia_dump.sql.gz

To restore:

mysql scot-indymedia -u scotim-admin -h -p < backupDATE.sql

after first doing reinstall ( untar and run install.php ), note IMC name on reinstall must be the same, one can look in back file to find it. Also one may have to kill a file left to reinstall.

-- SpaceBunny - 04 Oct 2003
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