General To Do List

as on the 7th of may 2003, update 14th of july


a) Uk Network website:

there is a working subsection on the Imc UK network project. or site runs on mir. Interest, help and participation is appreciated by the uk networking collective. To learn more about mir go to the mir uk documentation website.

b) IMC Scotlands own website, DADA on ibiblio is accessible via

( note this is a todo list smile

2. Local outreach:

  • stickers
  • posters
  • banners e.g. for stalls etc.
  • leaflets with general content
  • distribution network etc.

3. Managing imc-volunteer forms

A procedure on how to include volunteers who filled in the imc volunteer forms.

4. Computer workshops/ Indymedia Introductions

we really need more people working on:

- the technical websolutions (Content management systems) see 1 a) and 1b)

- editorial work:
  • writing reports,
  • writing features,
  • doing research for articles and background information
  • translations
  • cleaning out the newswire/hiding
  • in general: training on how to do admin work

- twiki pages: collectively accessible webpages. Imc Scotland Twiki to upload minutes of meeting or "how to use" instructions and documentation about indymedia, e.g. see the uk docs webpages.

- picture editing, layout and graphics for the new webpage

- how to use irc: to connect and meet up, also how to use for decision making

- how to use and adminster email lists

5. More outreach

  • working together with the Uk network collective
  • indymedia workshops at one-of-events
  • indymedia connecting to Linux user groups + free software movement?
  • indymedia connecting to european indymedia projects, such like european newsreal, global newsreal, european lists, global lists...
  • indymedia access centre(s) + postal adress
  • indymedia film screenings
  • indymedia webradio
  • indymedia hosting events such as speakers
  • indymedia scotland: twinning with another imc in africa or elsewhere?
  • indymedia outreach in whole of Scotland

6. feedback from imc uk network

Lancaster meeting from february and decisions still leftover issues to discuss.

7. discussions, socialising, getting to know each other and building trust

8. Meetings

Most of the stuff might be/ should be decided at one of our half-yearly big general meeting. We need more regular physical meetings and IRC meetings.

9. Gaelic

we still need somebody who can and is willing to translate the indymedia interface and more, as the mission statement, etc.

10. Bank account

11. Constitution

although we already have a mission statement and editorial guidelines, which were created to be accepted into IMC global network, we might some additional texts and documents for opening a bank account

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