Mission statement

cmi-toscana (centro media indipendente - toscana)

"cmi-toscana" is a project of a group of persons who share the basic principles and the methods of Indymedia Network.

The main "cmi-toscana" purposes are, rated by importance:

1) give to voiceless individuals and groups a media to let them be able to report directely news and stories censored, hidened or distorted by mainstream media;

2) give to voiceless individuals and groups the technical knowledge to create their own independent media that could become part of cmi-toscana;

3) report, even individually, news and stories censored, hidened or distorted by mainstream media;

4) operate as an archive to find documents otherwise quickly overflowed by mainsream media flow

Those purposes will be achieved mainly by a web site management that will be a collector of informations and (in)formative situations organized in real life.

The management of this project will be done in an assembly way usingĀ electronic communication tools (mailing lists, irc, instant messaging, etc...) as well by means of periodical meetings opened to all the interested people.

The structure of the group is configured in an horizontal way and the decision making method used will be similar to the consensus method, in other words decisions will be taken unanimously and/or without explicit and motived vetoes.

Due to the mailing lists technical and relational characteristics, we consider the active participation an obligation that everyone voluntarily accept as long as subscribes to the mailing list. The list will have public archives to everyone via web.

There are many levels of activism related to Indymedia Toscana. The first one consist in publishing on the web site news and articles telling stories that otherwise would be ignored. To partecipate more actively, people should agree with this Mission Statement and with the policy, subscribe the mailing list, partecipate in the web site management and to the meetings organized.

Someone who would become admin of the site should, beside all the things written above, have working in the list for a period, have partecipated in a live meeting and attempted a workshop on how to manage the web site.

All admins are expected to apply the policy consensually stated by the activists.

The web site would be totally autonomous as well as a part of an italian geographic network.

The web site will be divided in various parts that will at least include: an informative area mainly cured by the management group, an agenda and a newswire both based on open publishing. On the web pages there will be the list of the other nodes of the global Indymedia network.

The web server will be hosted outside Italy and will be shared with other African and Asian IMCs. The server's cost will be divided between Toscana-imc and Switzerland-imc, while the technical management will be shared between all the imcs hosted on the server and coordinated through a specific mailing list.

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