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This "twiki" page is a collaborative document editing space for use by IMC Cambridge. Anyone can edit it, and a record of all previous changes to the page are kept in a database. Go ahead and use it without fear of screwing it up, we can always roll back to a previous state if necessary!

How to use this page

To sign up as user on this wiki system, go to and fill out the form. Keep your username and password somewhere, you'll need it.

If you feel brave (and there's no reason not to), just hit the "edit page" link at the top right hand side of this page and change whatever text you'd like. If you'd like to add links or advanced formatting rather than just doing a simple text change, check out, which should have you up and running in about 20 minutes.

Cambridge IMC material on this twiki:

Things to do:

Current/ongoing projects (longer term):


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Past projects:

Scrap Space (for writing articles and features):

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