Radical Summer in Cambridge

Things seem to have slowed down in town, but not for those who want to change the world! Lots of traveller support, free spaces and cycle power activities are taking place over the next month.

Part of the Essex traveller community, Dale Farm, housing 1000 people, is under constant threat of eviction. A public meeting, and training session will be taking place on the weekend of August 13th for those who want to support the traveller community. There is a special need for human rights monitors and people with recording equipment (since an eviction is quite an ugly business, often unseen by most people). The Hoverfield community just got evicted [report, another report].

Meanwhile in Cambridge a group of people have decided to put empty buildings to use, and have opened a Social Centre in Fitzwilliam road [open letter]. A film screening of "The Mark Thomas Comedy Show" will take place there on the Sunday 7th, but much more is promised in the next few weeks.

Finally a Critical Mass, a spontaneous convergence of cyclists, skateboarders and skaters to celebrate life without cars took place in Cambridge. This is to become a regular event, with people meeting the last Friday of every month, 6pm, beneath Elizabeth Way Bridge.

[Looking for a radical holiday? : Earth First! summer gathering 17-21 August 2005]

Strike for union rights at Rolls Royce

Workers at the Bristol Rolls Royce plant have voted for an indefinite strike, starting on August 22nd, until their dismissed colleague, Jerry Hicks is fully reinstated. Jerry was "probably dismissed on trade union grounds", the employment tribunal found, for supposedly organising unofficial action, influencing the decision of the disciplinary panel (both to support two sacked colleagues), and standing on the way of normal working practices [more details]. The aim of the strike and campaing is nothing short of unconditional reinstatement. But the real target are the anti-union laws that allow employers to criminalise "unofficial" actions. They have been on the law books since Thatcher introduced them, but have also survived two terms of Labour government. Yet when faced with pressures from employers, as Jerry Hicks said, "we never balloted, we always walked out!" [see also Heathrow Airport strikes background].

[Bristol IMC: Updates logo background | Unions: Amicus labournet | Talk in Cambridge: text photos call | Solidarity: photos | The arms trade: RR demo CAAT report]

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