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The Indymedia UK Jargon Dictionary

This 'dictionary' was started after repeated complaints that 'we' use a jargon not understanble by people who're not involved with Indymedia, which often makes it difficult for them to participate or get involved.


1) The web based tools provided to perform adminstration task on the indymedia uk websites.

2) A person with password access to the web based admin interface


A comment (see below) which is has been designated as an addition by somebody in admin and therefore displayed more prominantly in an article.


Non news promotion, usually a commerical product or service but might also be an advert for another website or blog.


A post contributed by normal users and initially displayed in the newswire (not including comments)


A multimedia format containing video and/or audio. Examples are mp3, divx and h264. Most CODECS are proprietary products of commercial interests and have restrictive licenses controlling their use. Indymedia strives to support open standards.

Colltective or Kolltective:

Stupid name for the individual groups that make up each regional indymedia and the uk network as a whole


A contribution added to the bottom of an article after publication. Normally a pointless waste of space and time.

Content Management System (CMS):

A software system which creates web pages from the contents of a database. We use a CMS called MIR


A protocol and related software which provided a repository of files which can be checked out and check in by user much like in a library to ensure that only one person works on a file at any one time and doesn't overwrite other peoples work. This is used by indymedia UK for the templates and stylesheets that define the pages and also for the actual code that makes up the MIR CMS.



Disinfo is deliberate false or missleading information intended to confuse and disrupt. It often takes the form of fake cancelation notices or lies aimed at discrediting an individual or group.


A site setup as a central place for documentation about the indymedia project all around the world.

Editorial Guidelines:

A set of guidelines that define what should and should not be published.


Event announcement:

An advert for a future event. It may or may not contain background information about the issues involved and therefore may or may not be considered news in the terms of the editorial guidelines.

Feat - see Feature:


These populate the centre column of the site and are designed to highlight groups of stories in the newswire and put them into context. The features are meant to be written and published with consensus of the appropriate collective and this process usually takes place on the mailing lists.


The MIR CMS allows us to filter incoming posts so that they are automatically promoted or hidden, both articles and comments. This allows us to minimise the disruptition from repeatedly disruptive contributors.


This stands for File Transfer Protocol and is one method used for uploading files. It is better for large files than the normal web publish form.


Hiding is the act of reclassifiying articles deemed to have breeched editorial guidelines so that they do not appear on the open publishing newswire. Hidden articles are not deleted from the database and can still be viewed from the 'view all' page of the site.


See hiding


A common form of organising that anarchists and indymedia openly reject, yet can't avoid building. ie. a system in which not everyone has an equal role in decision making or participation. Obstacles that prevent a true non-hierarchical structure include technical skills, differing levels or spare time and commitment, passwords etc.

IMC or Indymedia:

IMC stands for Independent Media Centre and may refer to a physical venue hosting indymedia facilities or to an indymedia collective runing a website.

IMCer or IMCista:

This probably means an indymedia person, ie. a person active within an indymedia collective but indymedia is meant to be about breaking down the distinction between reporters and participants so it may be a contradictory term.


Working title of project(s) to provide improved facilities for mobile access to indymedia.


Something clearly not true. See also, disinfomation


internet relay chat... realtime chat system, go there by going to


A mailing list. we have loads

Mailing List

see lists


MIR is the software that creats the webpages on the IMC UK website and the regions. It is software that has been created specifically for indymedia. See also CMS


A copy of the website which helps to spread the bandwidth and reduce chance of the site going down completely during a server sezure.


The act of administering the newswire to remove unwanted posts or promote them if appropriate.


A newswire is a list of article in chronilogical order. There are more than one newswire but the term usually refers to the open newswire of indymedia UK unless otherwise specified. Other newswires include the promoted wire or wires specific to a region or topic.

Network meeting:

A face to face meeting of the people who make up the regional collectives of the Indymedia UK network. These meetings are a vital part of the organising and decision making structure of Indymedia UK.


National Union of Journalists


An aspiration of all indymedia collectives as stated in the principles of association. An organisational structure without leaders or foot soldiers. See also hierarchy.


The name of the print publications sometimes produced by imc uk

Open Publishing (OP):

A model of publishing in which anyone can publish rather than a select few. Open publishing in indymedia is usually based on post-moderation (moderating after publication of contributions) but some indymedia's use pre-moderation.

Open Source

Usually refers to software which the developers have provided free access to the source code which makes it work so that others can modify it to their needs.


A term refering to any attempts to promote the concept of indymedia and widen participation.


An act of moderation by admin which makes some articles or comments more visible than others based on a judgment on it's relevance to the editorial guidelines.

Promoted Newsire:

A newswire made up solely of promoted articles. This wire is generally considered to be of higher quality or relevance but is also slower than the open wire as articles have to be manually added to this wire by admin.


A computer that stands between two other computers and relays requests - fetching and passing on data from one to another. This might be webpages (ie. a webproxy) and the data may or may not be passed on unmodified. imobile uses a proxy to fetch and modify pages for mobile phones.


1. The act of submitting an article and perhaps also audio, video or photos, onto the indymedia site.

2. The publish server, the computer that generated and holds the primary version of the indymedia website that is then copied onto the mirror sites that normal users look at via their web browsers. You can view the publish site direct by replacing www with publish. ie


In IMC UK terminology, region refers to one of the collectives rather than a location as such.


Really Simple Syndication or something like that. It's a system by which the content on one site can be incorporated into another site or interested parties informed about new additions to a site


A computer running a web site or other networked functions such as email lists


The home page of indymedia UK or the regions.


A special class of article that, if defined, will appear at the top of the startpage.


The templates are files which define the structure and layout of diferent sections of the indymedia site. Each region has their own (usually very similar templates).


A topic is a category of articles stored in the indymedia database. Each topic effectively has it's own section within the website and it's own newswire.


A server


Lives under bridges. Also a derogatory name for any poster who persistently disagrees with you wink


You are looking at one. Basically a kind of webpage which is editable by a community of people and used for collaborative work.

Wire: see Newswire

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