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Welcome to the ImcUk Twiki. This is the place for collaboration on all kind of documents: summaries, todo lists, howto's, proposals, leaflets etc.


  • UkMaintenance (what moderators need to know to admin the page - for both techies and non-techies!)
    • UkModerationDiscussion - and some thoughts on which articles need moderation (especially in the newswire)
    • UkModeration - thoughts on HOWTO MODERATE
    • UkFeaturesHowTo - an introductory guide on how to write a feature for the centre column
    • Help! A page to collect links for useful help documents, tutorials and howto's

  • Housekeeping
    • UkFeatures some space to write feature articles on the wiki (create links to 'workpads' for collaboration on feature stories on the IMC UK website)
    • UKPracticePad (a page for people to practice using twiki)
    • UKSiteRotas (developing a rota for features and newswire work)

UK Network - Building the United Kollektives:

UkNetwork - includes:

All pages are currently viewable by anyone.

To work on pages you need to sign up and get a twiki user id here:

Some pages can only be worked on by people in the ImcUk Twiki Group. To be added to this group notify any member already in that group an ask them to add you.


Intro to Twiki

Twiki Tutorial

How to format things like bold and layout etc

Formatting FAQ including attaching images


Indymedia Twiki Main Page (lots of info and more twiki guides)

List of Local IMC's Twiki Main Pages

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