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This is page is meant to be a space to discuss links on Oxford Indymedia. I divided it into three parts: the links in the left column of the front page, the links in the links page ( ), and a section to discuss what links should go where. I added all the links that are presently on IMC Oxford.

Just as a reminder: for a link to be added to IMC Oxford, it has to be first proposed to the imc-oxford-features [at] list, and then if no one objects in 24 hours it is added to the front page. To be added to the links page, it is the same procedure, but a short definition of the group and contact details must be proposed as well.

Activism Alternative Media Animal Rights Community Action this page no longer exists (MB) Environment this goes to an empty page, and has done for several days (MB) Free Spaces Legal Advice Peace Groups I propose to remove the OSSTW link as it doesn't work anymore Prisoner Support Research Groups Social Justice


Oxford Student Activist Network (OSAN)

  • We believe another world is possible, in which both individuals and communities enjoy the autonomy necessary to determine their own destinies. We also recognise the gross abuse of concepts such as 'democracy', 'human rights' and 'social justice', and thus strive for a more genuine and meaningful realisation of these ideals. We are therefore in solidarity with all local and global social movements working towards these ends and which are consistent with the principles expressed in this Basis Of Unity.
  • We reject all forms of domination and discrimination, including those based on race, colo(u)r, caste, creed, religion, gender, sexuality, and nationality. We oppose imperialism, unjust wars, capitalism and other exploitative systems of economics, environmental destruction, and all other forms of injustice and oppression.
  • We embrace forms of resistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights.
  • Our organisational philosophy is based on decentralisation, autonomy and non-hierarchical decision-making. For further commentary on OSAN's structure, see the OsanStructure statement.



Grassroots Action on Food and Farming (GAFF)
Grassroots Action on Food and Farming is a new organisation helping to build a grassroots network of farmers, farmer's groups, environmentalists and the public to oppose the increasing corporate control of the food system and the demise of the small and family farm in the UK.

Oxford Greenpeace Campaing Group
The Oxford Greenpeace Campaign Group is made up of volunteers, who give up their time to campaign on enviromental issues.

Oxford Rising Tide
Rising Tide is a network of independent groups and individuals dedicated to taking local action on climate change and building a movement against climate change. It is the only organisation in the UK to campaign exclusively on climate change. The Oxford offices coordinates the network and organises local events and protests.
Telephone: 01865 241 097

Activists' Legal Project

The Activists' Legal Project provides information about the law to people who are thinking of taking direct action, or who have taken direct action. We provide briefing sheets and workshops by activists with first hand experience of the criminal and civil justice systems in Britain. We are not laywers or solicitors although we consult with them. The Activists' Legal Project is run by volunteers.


E-mail: activistslegal at

Telephone: 01865 243 772

Peace Groups

Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace
We are a group of Oxford women, experienced peace campaigners, who have come together to oppose the use of military action or threats of military action which terrorise the world's populations and endanger peace and reconciliation.
We will participate in events allied to justice and peace campaigns and develop methods to respond quickly to critical issues. We are particularly keen to reach out to women's groups around the world. We will support and work with those committed to peace and justice in Britain and throughout the world to oppose war and its terrible consequences through campaigning and education.
We call for the world's resources and advances in science and technology to be used for the benefit of all the people on our planet, instead of for military confrontations.

Research Groups

Corporate Watch
Corporate Watch is a small independent not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals. We aim to expose the mechanisms by which corporations function and the detrimental effects they have on society and the environment as an inevitable result of their current legal structure.
Telephone/fax: 01865 791391

Social Justice

Oxford for Trade Justice
Oxford for Trade Justice consits of a variety of groups from NGO's to unions and Christian groups. We are campaigning for world trade rules to be reformed to help millions of people out of poverty. We are calling for the WTO to:

  • Stop forcing poor countries to open their markets; and instead to champion poor countries' right to manage their own economies
  • Regulate big business and their investments to ensure people and the environment come before profits
  • Stop rich countries promoting the interests of big business through trade interventions that harm the poor and the environment
  • Insist that the World Trade Organisation's remit is not expanded to include new issues of investment, competition policy, transparency in government procurement and trade facilitation
  • Ensure trade policy is made in a fair, transparent and democratic way



This section is a place to discuss what links we should put on the Oxford Indymedia front page, what links should go on the links page, etc. There has been some discussion about this at the meetings, and I thought we could use this wiki to try to formulate collectively our procedure.

I've looked at all the links and there seem to be several categories:
  • dead links: no web page found
    • really dead: the group no longer exists
    • the group's still around but we don't have a link for them
  • old links: there appears to have been no content update for months and months
  • live and up-to-date links

Here are examples of what seemed to be to be old links:
  • East Oxford Stop the War
  • Rhodes Scholars Against the War
  • Make Trade Fair @ St Edmund Hall campaign
  • Oxford for Trade Justice
Are the groups still active or not? Should we be trying to find out? (I for one don't want to get into this) Does it matter if we have links which point to inactive groups?

More broadly, we have two areas for links - the sidebar on the front page, and the separate Links page. I personally think the sidebar Links box is getting too long. One way of shortening it is to have only 'important' links in it, with the rest relegated to the Links page. How do we decide what groups are important? I don't want to spend hours debating the merits of one group over another. So how about we just have all the groups on the Links page, and only a single button on the sidebar called Links which takes you to the page? Like they do here, for example:

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