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A place to discuss issues about local relevance for imc oxford. In particular, what criteria do we use to decide a post should stay in the oxford newswire or be hidden from it? Please add details of previous discussions and/or your current thoughts.

Discussion mid-March 2004

O: hid some posts including undercurrents ESF thing

V: undercurrents shouldn't be hid, they are oxford-based, and reporting on events in which oxford people are involved (ESF)

E: agree with both. ESF is important + relevant, but these are empty posts (upload problems), also undercurrents shouldn't assume special treatment.

R: agree with V

H: agree with V, though in this case posts are empty so should be hid

O: link needs to be obvious or things get cliquey; what can we do to encourage this?

E: take O's point. In practise can be difficult to gauge pre-existing knowledge. importance of good english.

Discussion mid-May 2004

O: hid GM-related post

S: this is oxford-relevant because many oxford activists are very involved in anti-GM campaigns

V: agree with S, example of bayer feature. Unhid and added comment to article.

O: that's cool. Just want oxford link to be made explicit. Started twiki :O

Discussion mid-January 2005

O: deselected a couple of posts - call for films for film festival and Brighton anti-arms trade.

R: "local site for local people" needs rethinking - in favour of repeat postings to make imc-uk less over-arching.. and these specific posts are oxford linked.

O: don't mind if these posts stay up, but in general if we have national stuff on oxford frontpage I'd like it to be separated from oxford stuff.

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