IMC Oxford Meeting 01-12-2010

0. Action Points from last time:

  • C to make screen cast (ongoing)
  • O to make dump into mysql.
  • O to look at regional topic updates (ongoing)
  • M to build up film night ideas (ongoing)
  • M/P: stickers, ordered but not designed.
  • O to make detailed description for the calendar (ongoing)
  • Everyone to read process proposal and discuss at this meeting (done)

1. New features

Thought there might be a BAE feature, but not enough posts, haven't done a round-up feature, but done one on dayX and dayX2.

ACTION: P to write a round up of non-cuts news for next week and send round the list for comments.

2. Review of user survey

Seven people have responded so far, so it's not getting used very much. We can make it a start page special.

ACTION: Put off closing the survey decision until next meeting.

P suggested doing an outreach day at some point in the future, including media activism workshops, and other types of activities.

M suggested writing a feature about Indymedia Oxford, getting people to do the user survey, write features, come to meetings, film nights.

ACTION: M to write a self-promotion feature.

ACTION: all discuss having bigger workshop day at next meeting.

3. Feedback from HacktionLab.

M commented on the contents of HacktionLab and where some IMC UK related topics of interest came up.

4. Calendar.

P showed us the new calendar, which is a proper grid one and looks well nice.

ACTION: O and P to put it live and a link to it on the home page.

5. New CMS?

ACTION: M to write a process proposal on the wiki for the next meeting and create dumping ground for new - OARC wiki misc docs imc oxford workspace - and post to the list.

6. Virtual Collective

There was a report back on the proceeding of the VC working group, and Oxford IMC support their plans to form a properly constituted collective to administrate non-regional UK newswire and features.

7. IMC UK Network meeting

We reviewed the current version of the proposal: this one lacks the consensus - one point and had the two IMCs could negotiate privately and represent an amended proposal to the network.

Whereas Oxford IMC feel that the current draft of the text is an improvement, and that it appreciates the amendments that have been made following it's objections, it is unable to agree with the adoption of the proposal and that it feels there should be an open discussion around the proposal at the next UK network meeting.

Our concerns to take to the meeting are:

  • it doesn't allow for a participatory discussion before it gets to the stage of a proposal, or at least make allowance for it.
  • if enough collectives can't agree within themselves then there is no process to deal with this outcome
  • the overall tone is a bit trades-uniony
ACTION: MrD to send an email to the Northern list letting them know what the deliberations we have come are.

-- AdelaydeSkidmore - 10 Dec 2010
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