2010-01-05 Indymedia Meeting Notes


  • start 19:17
  • next meeting 2 Feb (CMS meeting 19 Jan)
  • M will reorganise wiki draft agenda and splitother stuff out
  • C will type up these notes
  • O will book room and be keyholder for next meeting
  • end 20:37

Action Points

  • C make a video tutorial
  • M self promo feature
  • M new CMS proposal
  • M will forward Yossarian's response to hyperactive questions
  • J will get in touch with Save TCP and help them to get stuff together
  • All have a think about Email2newswire
  • All prepare pitches for competing CMSes for 19 Jan CMS meeting

User Survey

  • When should we close it ? Decision: Will keep it open for now and close it or make it look like it will close before deciding on a CMS
  • Should we have a meeting ?
  • Should it be a tech meeting or a public meeting ?
  • Decision: We will get specific responses from people who 'should' be using indymedia. Then we'll meet to work out how to take things forward.

CMS Meeing

Target Date: 2010-01-19


  • Candidates … Drupal, Wordpress, Hyperactive, Mir
  • Survey review
  • Feature brainstorm
  • Pitches for options (see below)
  • Next steps or perhaps decision

Rules for pitches

  • pros and cons
  • political as well as tech issues


  • We create a tech checklist using yossarian's questions as a basis


  • NB. 15 minutes max was suggested, don't spend more than an hour on research
    • M Hyperactive
    • J Mir
    • G/O Drupal
    • C Wordpress

Feedback from IMC UK meeting

  • indymedia uk to fork
  • indymedia.org.uk won't belong to anyone
  • home page will be a splash
  • we'll have two groups, A and B (A==mir/virtual) (B==everyone else)
  • whole of indymedia.org.uk == static
  • oxford's urls can stay the same

New Features

  • Save TCP have been difficult; demanding that we make a feature; they haven't published anything on the newswire since Feb 2010. We don' think we have a heavy process as they do.
  • Not much been happening what with xmas and all.

Instant Indymedia

  • Keeping newswire up to date Live indymedia setup with a laptop sending stuff straight out. People acting as reporters
  • Live start pages, indymedia slower than oxford mail. Be on the phone and do live coverage. i.e dispatch.
  • Twitterishness/statusnettish stuff?
  • How about hosting a start block on OX4?
  • We have some phones available from dispatch
  • How about getting a sim card hooked up to a GSM modem?
  • Shall we do a dry run? Probably a bit soon. Lets figure it out when there's a bigger event/action/demo/something.
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