Oxford Indymedia - meeting minutes

Wednesday 2nd March 2011 from 7pm till 8.30pm at OARC, East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, East Oxford

1. Review of action points from last meeting (5 mins)

We reviewed the action points. Most of them had been done.

2. Follow-up on live feature and web 3.x developments (15 mins)

We've been experimenting with various different ways of covering live events, the recent anti-cuts demo in Oxford was an example. A report back on how that's going and where to take it...

We registered a new domain to cover this (www.oximc.org.uk) and did some hand-out cards.
3. Activist Networking Day (5 mins)

An update about this event being planned in Oxford.
4. Next steps for the tech working group's deliberations on a new CMS (5 mins)

There is an upcoming Tech Working Group meeting, they will report back at the next meeting.
5. Should we change our URL? (5 mins)

With the UK collectives fork taking place, should we take this opportunity to move to using oxford.indymedia.org.uk as our primary URL (rather than the www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/oxford/ one) as Sheffield and Notts have done / are doing, we decided to change our URL. P actioned to make this so.

-- AdelaydeSkidmore - 06 Apr 2011
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