IMC Oxford meeting minutes - 6th April 2011

1. Matters arising

It was reported that the main URL was changed to be with the old URL redirecting to the new. It was noted however that the URLs delivered by the RSS feed haven't changed, but that they'd contacted the relevant people and it seemed "complicated", so we decided to leave it for now as a redirect is in place anyway.
It was noted that we still need to get those round stickers printed.

2. Newswire

We discussed that there's been less news recently. It was noted that people haven't been reported stuff that had gone on.
It was proposed that we "syndicate" content manually from other sites and groups.
It was suggested that we could have a syndication script, we all thought that was a good idea, but agreed not to jump in to do that just now, but to compile a list of sources for syndicated news content and to make a page on indy docs wiki to keep a list of interesting blogs.

ACTION: To make the page for this, which they did there and then:

There was a suggestion for us to invite ourselves to the Ox SOS and OEC group meetings to provide some outreach to them and help them contribute to the site.

3. New Feature Suggestions

ACTION: We'll do a Feb/March round-up feature.

4. Becoming a "proper IMC"

The issues that the Mayday Collective have had with the new IMC process so far were mentioned. One of the things is that we need to have a proper set of protocols, apparently these are minutes.

We all agreed that we should go through the process.

ACTION: to get a draft of the form around to everyone to be reviewed the next meeting.

5. Feedback from Tech Working Group on having a new content management system for Oxford Indymedia

It was discussed whether we have the time to do the migration. We agreed it might be possible, but took note of the time it might take against the free time we all have.
We discussed that Drupal out of the box does pretty much everything a basic IMC site would need. We also discussed the issues with Drupal, possible issues with high server overheads, and that there's poor compatibility between versions, with sites on old versions being left behind.

Someone suggested that they'd like to spend a weekend on doing an initial Drupal 7 version of the site. We all agreed that it would be good, but also agreed that it wouldn't be an action point. Good if they can do it, but no worries if not.

We discussed the possibility of importing data from the old site. A said we could write a script to do this, though we agreed it could be thorny, but that we could fall back to just pointing to the old archives.

People raised the concern that we need a designer to help us layout and skin our new site, and that we don't have someone like that in the collective at the moment.

ACTION: everyone to consider some designers they know and whether they could do a design for us.

We did think that we could probably handle the page layout ourselves, but a "proper" designer would be ideal.

6. Other events of interest?

6.1 Oxford SOS Training Day

A campaigns skills training on the 8th May. Could possibly be an outreach opportunity. Could we do a workshop/session etc.

We came up with the possibility of running the One Min One Shot workshop from VisionOn.TV: - whilst we agreed that this would be a good thing to do, some of us were dubious about time to organise it and whether there'd be enough time allotted to running it for it to be effective and empowering.

We also discussed having a "stall" at it, if this would be relevant. It was agreed that this would be a good idea.
It was mooted that even just having a ten minute slot to present Indymedia and citizen journalism might be good, and less work.

ACTION: let the organisers know that we might be interested in doing something, be it a workshop, stall and/or short talk/presentation and us to take it from there on the lists.

6.2 BarnCamp.

The dates are 10th, 11th and 12th June. Website is

It was suggested that on the Friday (10th) there was the opportunity to do up to day-long workspace sessions and that it may be a good opportunity to get a load of peeps together to work on the IndyLive or Drupal 7 IMC site projects that we have going on at the moment.

We then ended the meeting, setting the date for the next to be Wednesday 4th May 2011.

-- AdelaydeSkidmore - 08 Apr 2011
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