4 May 2011 Oxford indymedia minutes

1. welcome [x]

2. set agenda [x]

3. Review of APs from last meeting - feb mar roundup [x] - d7 mockup [x] - sos event [no, they lunched] - stickers - Owen to remind himself to print [not yet]

4. Newswire && new features - Couple of SOS stories - Not the royal wedding - 2nd May march - AP: Owen will write post about Campsfield demo - ?? Possible feature -- fork statement - Calendar support on indymedia - Save TCP - Upcoming events too - AP: Owen to write a 'cultural feature' at some point soon

5. Forking Indymedia

  1. Update - Jack read out almostindependent's statement, which we thought
summarised the political sitch as well as possible - Archive server - we could stay on traven - We could buy traven. Its shit though.

b. Implications for oxford

proposal: we want to go through new imc. we want an autonomous website ASAP without it being shit. not being dependent on mayday or bethemedia. [yay!] (agreed)


do we say something about the fact that nobody had consulted about our ability to publish? the fact that our ability to publish was annoying but we'll just chat to people face to face.

trial proposal: fine to be neutral. but we need to be aware of the situation like a shooting war.

do we need to say anything about bradford agreement? o frustrated felt that neither side listened or compromised to the other j felt that mayday compromised but btm didn't

[X] we regret the disagreements amongst the UK indymedia communities

do we want to say something about mayday or btm did no

after the dns was moved admin logins were "revoked" for many regions our logins were not revoked; mayday just asked for region

c. Does Oxford want to release a statement? If so what?

Firstly, we would like to state that we have looked into this issue in lot of detail and we do take seriously the ongoing dispute and what has happened, and we deeply regret the amount of disagreement that has arisen within the UK Indymedia Network.

We intend to become a fully autonomous local Indymedia Centre (IMC) and to achieve this intend to go through the 'new global IMC process' as soon as possible. We also intend to adopt a new software system for the management of our site. Until we are able to achieve these aims, Oxford Indymedia will be hosted on the new server managed by members of the Mayday collective. We will continue to administrate and moderate our site using the logins that we have for the Mir system on this server.

We support both the Be The Media and Mayday projects and would like to see both of them succeed and to work with them in the future.

We invite anybody wishing to get involved in the work of Oxford Indymedia, to come to one of our monthly meetings or get in touch with us via our mailing list.

d. Tech mailing list for Mayday server

e. We agreed that we would leave it to whoever was moderating to make a call about the newswire.

Next meeting will prioritise the things we weren't able to cover:

6. Becoming a proper IMC 7. Tech working group and new CMS progress 8. Outreach and other events of interest

AP: G will come back with a "braindump"

-- PenGuin - 10 Jul 2011
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