Notes from 18 May 2011

Review of action points
# New stickers - done
# Email to global IMC - done
# Oxford feature in response to fork - done
# Campsfield post - done
# Round up of April / May posts - not done
# Minutes from last meeting posted on wiki - not done

ACTION: O to write round up feature.

ACTION: C to post minutes of last meeting.

AGREED: Notes from previous meeting to be posted to attendees for corrections. After 3 days the notes to be posted to the wiki and non-attendees informed.

RSS feed as used on Be the Media
# Currently BTM only show promoted newswire & features.
# Cannot use the general newswire since this would include spam.
# Might be able to get round this if we had a hiddens feed.

ACTION: J to find out if we can produce a hiddens feed.

Groups feature
# Suggestion that we could have a regular feature about what a local
group is up to.
# Would involve a Ox IMC person going to interview somebody from that group.
# Avoid being a clique by adding a sentence to the end of each feature
telling other groups (esp. ones we don't know) how to get in touch so
that we can profile them.

ACTION: C to find a group to interview and make a feature.

New IMC process
# Reviewed the current draft at
# Noted that application doesn't have to be perfect - it will be refined during the application process.
# Some comments included:
~ Site use - also a portal to local activism.
~ Main mission - what's the balance between solidly activist and broader local community action? What's the balance between radical and community? Maybe it's a issue of making sure our angle on news comes out?

ACTION: All to check they are happy with the principles of unity (agreeing to these is a requirement of being an IMC).

ACTION: All to review and amend proposal. Hopefully we can finalise at the next meeting (1 June).

ACTION: Ask Oxford groups to support the application.

Agreed to delay this item until the next meeting.

Next meeting
Wednesday 1 June at 7pm in OARC.

-- PenGuin - 26 May 2011
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