Oxford IMC Meeting Notes - August 2011

Action points, newswire and features

- Features - G did 2, not enough on newswire for another feature

- Aggrobot - editorial questions: is it Oxford enough, or is it just off-topic. You can autoaggregate or premod with Drupal

- Interview food not bombs: C/G to arrange interview

- it would be good to have something on the newswire about the riots

- Suicide in campsfield might make a good feature? But are there enough newswire posts? Decided 2 posts is enough for a feature.

- AP: O will write a campsfield suicide

- Poss: The changing face of Cowley Road.

- AP: C to give M email address of the person that's done quite a lot of research on Cowley Road

- AP: elise re bond square as privately owned space


Decision: deal with later -- needs more discussion

Editorial Guidelines

- Agreed: we'll change the wording to make it clear that repost means reposts of /oximc/ stuff (not reposts from other websites).


need: Mission statement and agree to Principles of Unity .

decision: We agree the PoU r15 http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/PrinciplesOfUnity

decision: mission statement is agreed it has to be changed by active consent at a meeting having announced in advance that we will discuss it.

next stage we need a translation: mike started work on translating to catalan/spanish but it is too long.

AP: Mike can translate application to ES and we will try and find othr ES speakers to translate the guidlines and mission statement if necessary.

New website

[O took minutes here?]

In principle we should have an independent domain. We need to figure out how to do redirects.

-- PenGuin - 24 Sep 2011
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