Minutes of Oxford Indymedia Meeting held on 9/11/11

We all agreed that meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from now on.

AP: get a copy of the ox site archive from Anargeek, tar ball or rsync. Also mention the redirect, disabling the publish form. That's it.

AP: move oxford into list of IMCs in the Kollektives box.

AP: Oxford should be on the cities list. Need to speak to Global.

Agreed to keep the old site as flat HTML located under our new site, with styling to show that it's an archive. We will move some of the more recent posts, but not the comments, with text saying that it was from the old site and a link to it.

Archive will do some kind of pop up or banner to make it clear that it's an archive.


G reported that he'd gone along to a Plebs' College meeting, that there were a few folk there in to video and that they were interested in the potential of a pool of people able to do stuff, or who need stuff. We discussed ways to offer an ability to hook people up, there were three ideas:

  1. a mailing list
  2. a wanted and offered section of media skills
  3. a wider classifieds section

AP: C said he'd do some work on doing option 2/3 and feed back to the group.

We discussed the idea of having a We're a real IMC / New web site launch party. We felt it was a good idea but that it would most likely happen in the new year.

New Features

AP: O to hassle Plebs' in to contributing some story or other.

AP: Poss a Reclaim the Night, possibly contact the Oxford Feminists Network. AP: G to talk to them or he'll delete their web site!

AP: M and something on gentrification. M to contact woman from Hackney.

Global Indymedia

We are now a recognised Global Indymedia Collective. Let's sort out who's doing what (e.g. membership on email lists).

AP: O to ask JD about what we need to do.

Plan a relaunch event.

Already discussed this.

New website

We like the new web site, but O feels that the picture size means that the news wire is demoted below the fold. We discussed whether we could put it in a more prominent position on the site and possibly reduce the size of the photos.

We need some genuine groups.

Feeds have a few issues:
  • if an article is subsequently hidden, then we have no way of hiding that article, just re-reading the entire feed.
  • we are using the Drupal Core Aggregator modules, one option might be to experiment with feeds.
That said, C thinks it's fine as it is.

Also, the group names aren't links to the group's site at the moment. C thinks he can solve this.

Web site TODOs:
  • Calendar still needs porting to Drupal.
  • Setting up RSS feeds, for example VisionOn would like a promoted video feed.
  • Video still needs made working. M up for looking in to this.
We went to the pub at this point….and carried on talking informally about the web site...

-- AdelaydeSkidmore - 04 Jan 2012
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